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Globalization and Schooling

This is an age of globalization and the entire world seems to be on single platforms, which is true also because now the distances are bridged up with the help of technology. And because of this only any local resident gets the global perspective, and this all starts with the schooling.


International Baccalaureate popularly known as the IB board and International general certificate of secondary education assessment id conducted by two UK assessment bodies, and these regulatory bodies are Ed excel – also known as London examinations and Cambridge International Examination- (CIE) are respectively. Both the international programmes offer a slab of academic as well as overall development. They are recognized globally as well as in India.

IB offers the program for the four different age groups or it can be said that the IB curriculum is divided into four levels. The very first level is PYP which stands for the primary year program. Which is from pre-primary to class 5 followed by the MYP-Middle Years Programme and it is from class 6th to class 8th. MYP is followed by the IB diploma Programme which is of two years. IBDP is followed by the career programme. Call IBGA for an IB IGCSE tutor in Mumbai-India!

PYP Curriculum

In PYP programme curriculum there are the subjects like language, social studies, mathematics, science, technology, arts, personal, social and physical education.

MYP Curriculum

In MYP program there are the subjects do have first and second language, the humanities, which consist of history and geography. And science which is comprised of physics, chemistry and biology. The Mathematics includes Algebra, Geometry, Statistics, Numbers, and Discrete Mathematics, along with Visual Arts & Performing Arts. There are Physical Education and Technology-Computers as the subjects.

DP Curriculum

The Diploma programme students have to choose one subject from the subject groups. The group 1 generally has 1st Language (English), followed by group 2 that has the 2nd languages like French, Hindi etc. The Group 3 is known as individual and societies under which the subjects comes are history, economics, business & management.
The Group 4 has science subjects like physics, chemistry, biology and environmental systems. For the Group 5 there is mathematics along with the computer science. Group 6 electives have either Visual Arts or 2nd Subjects from group 3, 4 or 5. To get your child a good score contact IB home tutors in India!
In addition all the learners must take the two years course called theory of knowledge (ToK), Extended Essay (EE), and Creativity, Action and Services (CAS).


The IGCSE class 10th is called ‘O’ level and then it followed by CIE- A levels – Class 11th & 12th. The examinations are held generally in June & November, and the results are issued in August and February.
There are over seventy subjects available at Cambridge IGCSE including 30 languages. Schools enjoy the freedom of offering these subjects to the learners. The subjects are divided into five subject groups – to know more contact an IGCSE teacher in Mumbai-India!

Subject Groups

The Group 1 is Languages (1st & 2nd Languages, Foreign Languages), while Group 2 is Humanities & Social Sciences (Geography, English Literature & History). The Group 3 sciences (Physics, Chemistry & Biology), and the Group 4 includes Mathematics & Additional Mathematics. The Group 5 is Creative, Vocational & Technical (Accounting, Business Studies, and Computer Studies). Employee an IGCSE home tutor India from IBGA!


Both the educational boards IGCSE & IB tutor in India aims at making global citizens where in there is more weightage on practical applications and theory. The curriculum which has been devices to suit multicultural and multilingual audiences. The students are offered a wide spectrum of subjects. It increases their reasoning ability, the investigative ability, oral skills etc.
Both boards aim at developing and encouraging vital educational skills, so if you are looking for your child’s over all development then you could choose either of the boards.

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