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Welcome To IB Global Academy

IB Global Academy Is The Pioneer In Preparing Students For IB, IGCSE, A/AS, AP And Other School Leaving Examinations.

Tutor’s Approach In IB/IGCSE Classroom Tutoring

  • We believe that emotional support is a prerequisite to learning. IBGA’s tutors build the parental standard trust with learners. This prepares ground for the mind, body, and soul of a learner to acquire education.
  • Our tutors focus to understand the learner’s individual needs and adopt a suitable teaching style.
  • Tutors serve an environment where learners may successfully apply their knowledge.
  • Performance measurement is important and is closely monitored by the tutors.
  • At IBGA, the students develop insight on self-awareness which is the foundation for self-control, and this skill is important for exam success.


A Few Of Many Benefits Of Classroom Tuition From IBGA

  • Everyone is aware that having fewer pupils per instructor helps learners concentrate better in class since there are less distractions nearby.
  • Attending tuition lessons for further revision after learning a material for the first time in school will help you better grasp it.
  • You will undoubtedly recall facts, formulas, and ideas better if you review them again in tuition lessons, even if the subject is well-known or simple.
  • There are various ways that tuition sessions might include additional inventive and distinctive variations of the teaching-learning process, including pop quizzes, workbooks, interactive classroom activities, and open discussion.
  • According to research, studying in groups with friends might really improve academic achievement because of the peer pressure and connection.

Hurry up! A comfortable and safe learning environment awaits you.

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