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IBGA’s Preferred Approach Toward The IGCSE Physics Learners

The IGCSE curriculum includes topics in General Physics, which includes Time, Length, Mass as well as Weight, Forces, Density, Work, Momentum, Pressure, and Scalars & Vectors; Thermal Physics, which also covers Simple Kinetic Molecular Weight and Temperature Processes; Characteristics of Waves, which includes Light, Sound, as well as the Electromagnetic Spectral response.

Electricity and Magnetism, which covers Electromagnetic Effects, Electrical, Simple Phenomenon of Magnets, and Digital Circuits IGCSE students should thoroughly research the aforementioned subjects since a solid understanding of them will enable them to pick up the subject in their postsecondary studies or launch a career in a related sector overseas.

Learners should never be given the opportunity by an IGCSE physics tutor to think that physics is boring. Once the learner is overwhelmed with the thought that physics is boring, the tutors have got a momentous task to maintain the interest of the learners.

Let us understand with the help of two starters. Assume that a teacher has started the topic of temperature for example it could be anything like

Starter 1

The teacher allows the learner to be seated, become silent, and then say something such as ‘Today we will write the topic of temperature’.

Starter 2

The teacher has small pieces of cards that are picked by learners as they enter the room. Learners take these to their places and the teacher says ‘Write the word “cooking” on your piece of paper. That is an example of where temperatures are stated. Now list as many other examples as you can. You have 20 seconds, starting now!

Here the starter one is the traditional one teacher waits for students to come in and settle down, so he/she could make an announcement like today we will start the topic of temperature. Starter 2 is a bit different in that a learner enters the classroom and picks a little piece of paper as they come in. So the teacher does not even wait for the learners to be seated. The learners take these little pieces of paper to their places. They do not even have to mean they could stand around the side or they could come up to the front or something like that. Employ an IGCSE physics tutor in Gurgaon online from IBGA!

And then this little activity the teacher finishes off by saying, “you have 20 seconds starting now!”
Imagine the above two starters for the same topic and make a little list of the advantages and disadvantages of each. Analysis of both the starters above depicts that the individuals are inclined towards the second starter because they know that starter 2 is more interactive, while starter one is boring and requires less thinking. Starter 2 is an approach that maintains the interest of the students, and it also makes people excited and raises curiosity – and IGCSE physics tutor in Delhi-India is totally biased toward starter 2.

Students are introduced to a range of fascinating phenomena through the well-respected curriculum, and they encounter a number of explanations relating to the modern, cutting-edge technology that is expanding never before seen in the society in which they live. Students acquire a shared interest in science as a significant topic and scientific progress as a result of such important ideas and their explanations of fascinating phenomena.

In order to evaluate and comprehend the benefits and drawbacks of the development of science and technology it has sparked, students study a variety of laws in physics. However, occasionally a number of students want additional assistance outside of their usual class periods to comprehend the nuances of the topic. IBGA now appears in front of you. Our Physics tutoring sessions are excellent and have helped many students succeed.

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