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A Brief Account On IB Physics In Dubai!

Physics is the most foundational of the experimental disciplines, aimed at explicating the universe itself, from the smallest particles to the huge distances between galaxies.

Across the evolution of physics, despite the thrilling and remarkable evolution of concepts, observations have remained central to the field. Models are created in order to better comprehend data, and these models can then evolve into theories that try to explain the findings.

Students should learn how researchers collaborate and interact with one another by studying a science subject. Whereas the scientific method can take many forms, the focus is on the practical.

Furthermore, the overall theme of "Nature of Science" will place these knowledge and abilities in the context of how science and scientists function in the twenty-first century, as well as the ethical conflicts and limitations of innovative scientific endeavour.

Science is taught practically. Students can design projects, collect data, practise manipulative skills, analyse outcomes, cooperate with peers, and assess and report their findings.

The investigations could be laboratory-based or involve simulations and databases. Students learn to work individually on their own designs, but also collaboratively, including engagement with schools from different locations, to reflect how scientific study is carried out in the larger world. Employ an IB physics tutor Dubai from IBGA!

What Is IB DP Physics HL & SL?

There are 12 themes in IB Physics HL (4 of which are only for HL students), each with a recommended amount of teaching hours totalling 155 hours of class session (95 hours & 50 hours on SL & HL subjects respectively).

You also have the aforementioned alternative subject, which takes additional 25 hours in class. Finally, you have sixty hours for practical work, which includes the experiments linked with each lesson, the group 4 project, and your solo investigation (IA).

As a result, assuming there aren't any barriers or obstructions in your path, you will be travelling quite swiftly. However, each school teacher will set their own speed for teaching the course (more experienced tutors tend to move through particular topics at a swiftly). In our first term, we virtually completed the first 4 topics of the programme (approaching 53 hours total out of 240).

IBGA’s Perspectives On IB Physics Preparation

It is critical that you master Math if you want to succeed in IB Physics. The two sciences are ideally complementary, and mathematical approaches are essential in solving physics difficulties.

Both yes & no! Math and physics are like chips and fish. If you want to pursue a profession in physics, Math is a necessary ability that you should learn. However, if you only need to clear the IB DP Physics exam and have no interest in Math, there are some specific abilities that you must understand for the final exams, which can be acquired with effort and determination. Get the help from an IB physics tutor Dubai now!

Follow these simple steps to restore structure and confidence to your physics studies:

It seems to be tough in the evening, but never give up!

For good reason, IB Physics is a two-year programme. To get the desired "7" mark on IB physics exams, sophisticated skills for problem solving and expert exam methodology must be developed over a two-year period.

But don't give up! You're not doomed from the start, as you may believe; alternatively, keep your chin up since every moment spent studying pays off when time comes for those all-important assessments at the end of the semester; or possibly even sooner if you have been persistent enough with problem-solving practise.

Notes for revision are important from the moment you start studying

It may be tempting to create your notes meant for revision before the examination, but you should instead focus on memorising past papers and building strong test-taking habits.

You might assume, I don't need revision notes, or I'll just utilise pre-written ones. WRONG! These will not benefit you in any way. Your brain must condense the course in its own way to ensure that it is adequately absorbed.

It is now time to begin composing those editing notes! Every time you finish a topic in class, spend 15-30 minutes condensing it into two sheets of A4 paper. These will be used as notes (for revision) for class examinations and tests.

Learn to enjoy problem solving

You must learn to enjoy the challenge of problem solving and understand that you will almost certainly fail at first. Truthfully, that's just an excellent big lesson (and appropriate for IB Physics)

IB Physics tasks are multi-layered, encompassing multiple areas and dependent on an underlying base of mathematical knowledge. Even in Year One IB physics course, these topics will make students feel like they are failing at first; nonetheless, and it’s the sole way to get better. Mastering how to answer them is vital for your future job, so start practising by doing as many of them you can.

Solve the past paper questions from very beginning

OK, so your IB physics tutor Dubai is going to assign you homework, and you're likely to be required to complete it. This assignment could be a group of questions based on the idea you are currently studying in class. Ideally, those issues would be past exam questions (from earlier IB Physics test papers) so that you could become acquainted with the structure of the question.

If your school teacher does not use past paper questions, please take the initiative to discover past paper questions (divided by topic) and practise them on your own. Most of these will be incorrect throughout your first year of IB.

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