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What Are Traits Of The Best Math Tutor In Dubai?

At IBGA, find the best IB Maths tutor in Dubai, India, and Singapore. With your child, we take delight in establishing a balanced system of discipline. Get in touch with us to find out how we can support the future success of both you and your child.

As a parent, you would believe that it is crucial for anybody to have a few features that you could mention as math tutor attributes whenever you are searching for the ideal math tuition for students, be it of whatever age group. Since it is equally crucial to have a good tutor when it pertains to mathematics. What qualities would one be searching for in a teacher who specialises in teaching IB math? Here they are in order:

They have a calm and sympathetic temperament

Not everyone is suited for teaching. The ability to get through classroom without losing their anger or making a youngster feel worthless is a quality that very few individuals possess. You should look for an IB tutor who will be understanding and supportive with your child, especially in maths.

Demand a background check

At IBGA, every tutor goes through a thorough hiring procedure that includes a background check. For your child's convenience and safety, you should demand nothing less when selecting an IB Maths Tutor. Although learning online is undoubtedly safer than meeting a stranger face to face, doing so without first doing a thorough background check is still putting your children at unnecessary risk.

Zeal and enthusiasm

Again, the epidemic has brought in a lot of new teachers, many of whom don't have a lot of enthusiasm for the profession or long-term plans to stay in it. Finding an IB Math tutor in India who's really passionate about their topic and will enjoy instructing it to your kids is therefore essential. This is essential for maintaining their interest and enthusiasm in the topic. Find the Best IB maths tutor in Dubai for your ward with IBGA!

Fantastic Communication

Excellent communication abilities are a necessary trait in an IB Math Tutor. You want a tutor who is naturally good at teaching and interacting with kids, who will use the best techniques and can easily keep your kids interested in the subject matter.


You can't just go with the first instructor that you find when you need someone to tutor your kids. Do not be reluctant to request or anticipate a trial class. In order for your students and our IB Math Tutors to get to know each other and determine whether they are a suitable fit, we at IBGA will gladly provide you a trial. This is an important step because if your child commits to a tutor who doesn't click with them, the process of learning will be more difficult, boring, and ultimately ineffective. Instead, they ought to collaborate with someone who inspires excitement in them and who they sincerely look forward to learning from once more.

IBGA: Why?

IBGA gives you unrivalled chances to innovate and create best practises for your entire family, to access significant personal and professional growth, and to excel in your professional development in our institutions. You will have additional opportunities at IBGA to advance, learn, and contribute. Looking for the best IB maths tutor in Dubai, call IBGA now!

Along with comprehensive face-to-face and online professional development, we also make sure that our tutors advance at the forefront of educational theory.

A Maths Tutor who is dedicated to a contemporary, constructivist, inquiry-based, and individualized approach to learning that motivates and engages students makes the most of our resources. Accordingly, the IBGA anticipates that a tutor will be familiar with or have an interest in concept-driven, inquiry-based curriculum and be able to talk passionately about the effects they have on student learning and engagement. As a tutor one needs to be driven by completely participating in all elements of school life, have a growth mentality, and be prepared to deal with ambiguity. One must be familiar with a variety of contemporary, worldwide curriculum, such as the International Baccalaureate & IGCSE.

What Exactly Has Changed With IB Mathematics In A New 7 Year Teaching Cycle?

The International Baccalaureate regularly examines the IB Diploma Programme curriculum to ensure that it meets the demands of a modern classroom and gives students the skills they need to flourish in a changing world. This review occurs every seven years of instruction. In order to foster a more informed and practical learning environment than years of textbook teaching, IB students will start studying a redesigned IBDP mathematics syllabus in August 2019.

Given that certain abilities are becoming obsolete due to technological advancements, the new curriculum intends to improve students' critical thinking skills in mathematics. Additionally, the new maths DP gives schools more flexibility in how they organise students, schedule courses, and teach mathematical subject. It also gives students more options. Employ the best IB maths tutor in Dubai from IBGA!

Prior to this, an IB student had 3 options: maths studies, standard level (SL) general mathematics, and higher level (HL) general mathematics. Further Math at Higher Level, a course that is hardly given in Indian IB schools, was also a possibility. The new syllabus offers students two choices, Mathematics: Applications as well as Interpretation or Mathematics: Analysis and Approaches, both at the HL and SL levels, giving them a total of four alternatives. A list of the subjects is provided below.

What Exactly Are The External Evaluations?

There will be two written standardized test papers for each of these streams, whether they are at SL or HL, with long and short answer options. HL students will also have an additional Paper 3 that will be a 1 hour problem-solving paper that may call for the usage of spreadsheets and graphic tools.

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