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What Are The IB’s Learner And Learning Impacts In Dubai, UAE?

Attainment and achievement, critical analysis and research abilities, intercultural understanding and community service, global mindedness, time management, and learning skills were all investigated. The majority of the impacts investigated were positive, however there were also obstacles and barriers.

Academic achievement

IB programmes have been highly respected in part because alumni often achieve excellent academic results. Simultaneously, it is commonly known that IB learners are not typical.

They tend to originate from upper middle-class or professional households, and as is generally known, individuals from these backgrounds outperform their counterparts from low-income families academically.

The good academic performance of Scholars may be attributed to their own particular attributes rather than the IB curriculum. When attempting to untangle the impact of IB programmes on learning outcomes, controlling for student variables, particularly past academic achievement, is critical. However, few research have indeed been succeeded to do so to date. Call IBGA to employ the IB tutors in Dubai, UAE!

Only one research released in a peer-reviewed magazine or book that accounted for prior academic competence and student background variables such as household income and/or socioeconomic position could be found.

Saavedra (2014) did this research in the United States. From 2003 to 2007, it included around 15,000 pupils throughout Chicago Public Schools, 22% of whom were IB students. The study took into account prior academic ability, household income, gender, and ethnicity.

Her results indicated that the DP enhanced student academic progress and accomplishment in 3 ways: the opportunity of graduation increased by 20%, marks on an externally evaluated aptitude test used mostly by American universities for getting admission (the ACT) risen by.54 standard deviations, but also university participation rates increased by 38% within 2 years of high school graduation.

These are impressive results, especially given that many of the pupils in Saavedra's study came from low-income families. Such studies in other circumstances would be really beneficial.

University education

Pupils, teachers, and university officials believe that IB programmes educate learners well for university studies and improve their chances of admission to a broad range of universities. According to research, both teachers and students agree that attaining the IB promotes students' worldwide mobility.

Pupils also believed that learning the DP would aid them in improving their university entrance test scores and, more broadly, would provide better preparation for university course.

Fitzgerald (2015) discovered that university entrance officers at Canadian institutions thought the DP was more rigorous and provided better preparedness for university over non-IB programmes.


Several studies have been conducted to investigate stakeholders' perspectives of the DP curriculum. Pupils and teachers praised the DP for allowing students to pursue their passions.

Students responded in other surveys that the DP provides a curricular structure that permits them to receive a broad and balanced curriculum and study ideas in depth. Find the IB tutors in Dubai with the help of IBGA!

Creativity, critical thinking, and investigative abilities

IB programmes provide a strong emphasis on creative and critical thinking. IB programmes provide numerous possibilities for students to enhance cognitive abilities such as critical and creative thinking.

Rather of focusing on rote memorization, IB programmes encourage students to undertake their own investigations, think independently and critically and use their information to comprehend local concerns.

According to a research undertaken in a variety of national contexts, including Australia, China, Canada, India, Romania, and the United States, students, teachers, and school officials believe that the DP helps pupils acquire these skills and capacities. This was reported by both teachers and students.

According to a research, PYP and MYP pupils are given the chance to participate in active learning. It highlighted the learning activities used to help children build their research skills at an elementary school in the United States.

IBGA’s Perspectives On IB Education

Citizenship, international awareness, and intercultural understanding

IB programmes are designed to foster worldwide awareness and intercultural understanding. According to surveys from various national settings, IB students experience that the DP helps them develop these talents.

IB programmes mainly aim to build students' global and local civic skills. The Creativity, Activity, and Service (CAS) component of the DP fosters citizenship. CAS "requires students to participate in a subsidized and voluntary exchange" in their community.

They stated that DP enabled them to employ their learning in real-world circumstances, making them more informed and worried about community concerns than their non-IB classmates.

The IB wants its authorised programmes to explicitly promote global citizenship, international mindedness, and intercultural understanding as aims that may be attained by debating global concerns and studying different languages and cultures.

However, researchers have discovered that these competencies are also indirectly gained as consequence of the culturally varied student body seen in many IB schools.

It is possible that explicit education of global citizenship is more effective in a multi-cultural classroom, but this idea has yet to be validated. Take help of the IB tutors in Dubai from IBGA!

Self-control, time management, and leadership abilities

Several studies have been conducted to investigate the ability of IB curriculum to promote a variety of abilities and qualities. These include time management abilities, self-regulation and motivation abilities, and leadership abilities. Until now, IB-focused research has solely looked at the growth of these abilities inside the Diploma Programme.

Students and alumni from a variety of national settings express that they cope with the program's academic obligations by adopting excellent time management and prioritisation methods to deal with their school-related stress.

Some learners struggled with the DP, according to IB teachers, not because they lacked intellectual aptitude, but because students failed time management and learning skills to maintain a steady flow of work.

Taken together, these findings indicate that the DP can help students improve organizational skills, but that individuals who lack this skill experience additional problems in completing the DP.

According to several teachers, the DP assisted their students in becoming more active contributors to their own learning.

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