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Learn Physics With IBGA!

Physics is a good foundation for a variety of engineering disciplines. Physics is at the core of reality, and it is the core basis of just about all of the experimental sciences- biology, chemistry, medicine, architecture, geology, meteorology, and all engineering disciplines.
A student who wants to study physics must take notes, memorize, and get more from what he reads. This all can be gained with the help of an IB physics tutor in Gurgaon simply because anybody can learn physics with the proper instructions.

HL Physics

In general, the average grade earned by a higher-level pupil in IBDP Physics has risen steadily over time. It also maintains mostly above or equal to the IB mean grade. As a result, if you're taking HL physics, you're significantly more likely to receive a higher mark than the IB average means grade. In physics HL, you are significantly more likely to receive a higher grade than in chemistry/biology higher level. So, although it's often assumed that IBDP Physics is the most difficult topic, and this is probably accurate, statistically, if you take physics HL, you are more likely to achieve a greater mean grade or grade than if you take other courses.

SL Physics

The average mark for IBDP Physics standard level is consistently lower than that of an HL student or the average was calculated for any IB subject.

HL / SL Grade Boundaries

Score 7 in IBDP physics HL!

The grade limits are rather modest. A 7 is readily within reach if you focus on learning intelligently. Please keep in mind that these6
grade limits change each year since they're not precise, but they should give you a good indication of what you're looking for. It is suggested you should aim for a 67 percent overall to obtain a 7 in upper-level IB Physics.

Paper 1 – IBDP Physics-HL
  • Paper one comprises 40 marks and 40 questions, with 27 of them needing to be answered correctly to receive a 7.
  • That implies you can obtain a 7 even if you get 13 questions incorrect on paper 1.
  • Overall, a 67.5 percent pass rate for a 7 and IBDP Physics in Paper 1 is expected. Contact an IB physics tutor to score good marks!


Paper 2
  • In Paper 2, there are 90 marks available, but you are only required to obtain 52 accurate.
  • To earn a 7, you just need 52 out of 90 points!
  • This implies you may get a large number of questions wrong (38 points) and still score a 7 on paper 2. The grade limitations for paper 2 are quite low, hovering around 58 percent.


Paper 3

In Paper 3, you need 32 out of 45 points to earn a 7, and the grade threshold is significantly higher, at 71%. This is due to the fact that Paper 3 is considered to be harder than Papers 1 and 2.
In IBDP HL physics, you should strive for an overall score of over 67 percent.

Score 7 in IBDP physics SL!

Standard level grade limitations are really lower, which means a 7 is perfectly achievable if you know how to play the game. Offline/IB physics tutor in Delhi from IBGA can explain what it means by studying tactically later, but a 7 is readily within reach if you comprehend how to play the game. It is suggested you should aim for a 65 percent overall to obtain a 7 in upper-level IB Physics.

Paper 1

You just need to get 20 out of 30 MCQs correct, which means you may still get 10 wrong, and you need to get 67 percent in paper 1 questions to obtain 7.

Paper 2

There are 50 marks attainable, and you need 29 of them to obtain a 7, but you only need 58 percent on paper two to achieve a 7 in IBDP Physics, so you can easily lose a huge 21 points on paper two and still get the 7 that we are aiming for, and we believe you can get.

Paper 3

Paper three has 35 marks attainable, you require 24 out of 35 to achieve a 7, and the passing grade has been a little higher, it's at 69 percent. Paper 3 is easier than paper 1 and paper 2, thus the grade boundary is a little higher.

Our Success Story Based On Below Methodology:

  • Highly experience IB Physics Teacher
  • Small Batches (Max of 3-4 student per batch)
  • Topic wise assignment (we have more than 2,000 maths topic wise questions for practice)
  • Topic wise & Full-length assessment.
  • Separate set of teachers for assessment.
  • After assessment we do discussion and work on grey areas.
  • Exam oriented preparation.
  • Solved past years paper.
  • Make students believe that with proper planning they can achieve their goals.

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