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What Makes IB Biology So Interesting?

Science has been fascinated by biology for many ages. The formation of life on Earth remains one of the greatest mysteries that hasn't been fully solved, despite the exponential advancements in technology in the last few centuries.

The depths of biological sciences are where our fundamental existence and origin on earth are rooted. There are an infinite number of species in biology (at least for the time being; there are an expected 8.7 million creatures on earth, out of which just 1.9 million have been identified, so there is still much work to be done!).

Numerous studies about biology are being conducted today. Researchers have been studying biology and accumulating fresh information. Have you ever considered how biological tests impact our lives? And what role does biology play in our day-to-day lives? To find the answers to such questions study biology from IB.

The link between structure and function at all complexity levels is covered in the biology upper level course for the IB Diploma Programme. Students study a variety of subjects to deepen their grasp of Biology, including genetics, plant science, and the biochemistry of living things. Employ an IB biology tutor in Dubai!

Students gain knowledge of how scientists collaborate and interact during this demanding course. Additionally, students benefit from numerous chances for scientific research and original thought within a global environment. Additionally, the curriculum aims to:

  • Offer a collection of information, practises, and procedures that define science and technology
  • Empower learners to apply and make use of a body of information, practises, and strategies that define science and technology
  • Gain proficiency in analysing, evaluating, and synthesising scientific data
  • Increase understanding of the benefits of effective communication and collaboration in scientific endeavours.
  • strengthen your scientific inquiry and experimentation abilities
  • Hone and put to use students' ICT (information and communication technology) skills while they are studying science.
  • Promote understanding of the ramifications of using science and technology for moral, ethical, social, economic, and environmental reasons.
  • Get an understanding of the potential and constraints that come with research and scientists
  • Promote knowledge of the connections between scientific fields and the all-encompassing essence of the scientific approach.


The IB evaluates student work as concrete evidence of achievement in relation to the courses' stated goals, which are to give students:

  • A comprehensive and balanced but rigorous academic programme of study
  • The improvement of reflective and critical-thinking abilities
  • The improvement of research abilities
  • The growth of independent learning capabilities- take help of the IB biology tutor in Dubai!
  • The growth of cross-cultural sensitivity
  • A widely regarded university entrance requirement


All pupils' knowledge and comprehension of important ideas will be evaluated through:

  • Applying and utilising scientific principles, procedures, and language
  • The creation, analysis, and evaluation of scientific hypotheses, research topics, forecasts, scientific procedures, and explanations.
  • Displaying both the manipulative abilities required to conduct scientific investigations with accuracy and safety, as well as the character qualities of cooperation, perseverance, and responsibility suited for effective scientific inquiry and problem-solving.


The combined grades from internal and external assessments are used to determine the achievement of students in the higher level biology course.

Even multiple-choice questions demand that students understand each term's or concept's definition in order to correctly answer, proving that they have a grasp of both fundamental facts and intricate concepts. In the multiple option test, calculators are not allowed.

The practical or laboratory work completed by each student is evaluated internally. This involves the group 4 project, which takes place over the course of 10 hours of the 240-hour higher level course and involves students from various group 4 subjects working together to address a technological or biological topic.

This allows for the integration of ideas and viewpoints from various disciplines and "encourages an understanding of the relationships between fields of science and the overarching essence of the scientific method."

IBGA’s Perspective on IB Biology

IB is a course in biology that examines how life and organisms work. Since biology is supposedly the only subject that is alive, biologists are always learning new things about it.

The fact that there are a plethora of species on this beautiful planet adds another exciting dimension to biology classes and creates a wide range of standards and levels of mastery. To deepen their awareness of and understanding about biology, students study a wide range of subjects, including genetics, plant science, and the biochemistry of living things.

The fact that IB Biology is solely focused on memorization makes it significantly harder compared to the other IB sciences. We must memorise lengthy essays and other topics in order to be ready to write it out for the test.

While chemistry and physics rely on fundamental understanding, biology is unique in that it relies completely on memorization and writing out material to demonstrate your mastery. "The topics are quite difficult to understand, and students only have a few days to thoroughly understand the content before the test. For an IB biology tutor in Dubai contact IBGA now!

The IB's mark scheme is another issue that IB Biology students deal with. Long time is spent trying to comprehend topics, but if the grading rubric was unclear, which it frequently is, none of it would matter. IB makes it harder by requiring certain phrases to be used in every explanation. /p>

Students frequently experience frustration when they have done their homework, know the content, and are unable to complete the IB criteria.

The fact that biology constantly includes and discusses chemistry is another issue that many students have raised. It is crucial to address the chemistry of each and every topic, as well as the big picture and the biology behind it, given the IB marking method and the degree of study they want from pupils.

Since IB Chemistry and IB Physics students are only interested in one branch of science, this pushes the IB Biology students to study a variety of subjects and issues.

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