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Why To Study Computer Science?

Almost everything in our lives, from the cars we drive to the movies we watch to how businesses and governments interact with us, includes computing and computer technology.

An educated individual in the twenty-first century needs to have a certain set of skills, one of which is an understanding of the various computer dimensions.

Studying computing can give you knowledge that is useful whether your goal is to become a scientist, create the newest killer application, or simply understand what is meant when someone says "the machine made a mistake.

Whatever their inclinations, a wide spectrum of people can find lucrative and challenging opportunities in the field of computing. Computing demands and cultivates skills in the solution of complex, multifaceted problems that call for creativity and awareness to a range of issues.

Computing fosters innovation in engineering, business, entertainment, and education in addition to the sciences (such as the human genome project, AIDS vaccine development, and environmental monitoring and protection, to name a few). Studying computing will help you change the world for the better. Choose IBGA to employ IB computer science tutor in Dubai!

Your knowledge, ability to solve problems, and capacity for logical thought will all be strengthened by majoring in computing, giving you a competitive edge in any career you decide to pursue.

Computing encourages creativity across a wide range of disciplines and is an incredibly creative activity in and of itself. The best computer programmes are elegant and beautiful to a high degree.

When you want to have excellent professional chances after graduation and have the chance to learn a variety of skills, computer science could be a wonderful degree.

Graduates are frequently in demand across industries, have the ability to earn better earnings than the average, and might be able to develop more swiftly in their jobs.

IB computer course objectives and description

Along with chemistry, biology, design technology, physics, environmental systems and society, computer science is categorised as an experimental science and is one of the subjects in Group 4. A challenging and useful discipline for problem-solving, computer science is an IB course.

Knowledge of how a computer and digital devices work is required for the IB DP information science study, in addition to a foundational understanding of computational thinking.

Underpinned by conceptual thinking, the course draws from a broad body of knowledge and encourages and supports creativity, exploration, and the pursuit of new knowledge.

The interaction and influence of computer science on culture, society, and the actions of individuals and groups, as well as the moral dilemmas raised, are topics covered by students. Throughout the course, the student will create computational solutions.

This will require the aptitude for:

  • Pick a challenge or unresolved query.
  • Create a solution prototype and test it.
  • Consult with clients to assess the effectiveness of the suggested solution and offer suggestions for new directions.


IBGA’s Perspective

The courses in computer science are designed to:

  • Giving children the chance to learn and express themselves creatively in a global environment will inspire and push them to acquire the skills essential for autonomous and lifelong learning.
  • Describe the body of knowledge, procedures, and methods that make up computer science.
  • The ability to apply and employ a set of information, methodologies, and strategies that define computer science to students. Call us for an IB computer science tutor in Dubai!
  • Show initiative in using critical thinking to identify and solve challenging challenges.
  • To raise awareness of the importance of effective communication and teamwork in solving complicated situations.
  • Develop experimental, inquisitive, and problem-solving skills in addition to critical and logical thinking
  • In order to confidently and effectively share information, students studying computer science should acquire and utilise their communication and information technology abilities.
  • Promote knowledge of the connections between scientific fields and the general character of the scientific method


The IB learner model and the IB objectives

The Diploma Programme seeks to help students acquire the information, abilities, and attitudes necessary to achieve the objectives of the IB, as stated in the learner profile and the mission statement of the organisation.

The educational philosophy of the organisation is put into everyday practise through learning and instruction in the diploma programme.

The structure of the course

Both HL and SL students will study the theoretical aspects of Paper 1 in the 1st term of the 1st year (Ten weeks). This is the perfect way to introduce the main subject of Paper 2 (Fifteen weeks) — computational reasoning and computer programming.

The Internal Assessment, which must have a first draught finished by the conclusion of the semester, is the final assignment for the year for students (6-8 weeks). Students studying for Paper 2 in HL will do so all year long.

The SL/HL Core topics, which we finish before the finish of the first term, will be covered by both SL & HL students in the second year.

Mock exams follow, and the rest of the time will be used for revision and study breaks for the IB exam.

One of the courses that can lead to a variety of career routes is computer science. Some of these career paths include cyber security, telecommunication, computer networking, bio-technology, biometrics, e-commerce internet technology, database management, mobile computing, and many others.

This is due to the fact that it gives us a foundation from which to understand the technological world that surrounds us. Learn with the help of IB computer science tutor in Dubai!

Computer science and knowledge theory (TOK)

There isn't a one scientific approach to learning new things or coming up with explanations for how the natural world behaves.

These explanations are produced by computer science utilising a range of techniques, but they all rely on facts from observations and share a common foundation of rigour, whether employing inductive or deductive reasoning.

The CAS project and computer science?

The relevance of the field and how it affects real-world people's lives can be better understood by selecting to complete a CAS computing project.

After gaining experience, a commentary on one's development and command of the seven learning goals will be included.

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