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Tips To Get An A* Grade In A-Level IGCSE Chemistry

Students who take the IGCSE in chemistry learn about the technological environment in which they live and are inspired to develop a critical interest in science and technology advancements. The principles of elements, compound structure, and reactions related to different kinds of chemical compounds are all covered in this course.
IBGA’s IGCSE Chemistry tutor instructs students on the significance of Chemistry principles that serve to enhance life's basic necessities, including food, clothes, air, shelter, health, and energy. This course is structured to assist students in comprehending the value of field research and development so that they may manufacture high-quality goods and services to meet human needs.


A-Level Chemistry has a reputation for being one of the most difficult A-Levels available. Even the best pupils sometimes struggle due to the volume of material and complexity.
To get an A* in Chemistry (A-Level), you must work hard, stay motivated, and employ all of the approaches that have previously brought students success. In this essay, I'll share some of my favorite suggestions for getting the best A-Level Chemistry scores.
Ahead preparation and a quick review of the material after each lecture are necessary for success in A-Level Chemistry. When it comes to mastering the material, organic synthesis, math, and compound examinations are the three major subjects that frequently make up large-mark exam problems.
The best ways to revise for A-Level Chemistry are to finish old exams and try to comprehend the material rather than simply memorization. To enhance your understanding of the course and tests, make sure you also read the examiners' report and the specification.

Find A Helpful Study Buddy At IBGA

Frequently, you could discover that you have a lot of questions than you had thought when learning. Having a study partner who you can ask questions of can be helpful if it is the Saturday before the Monday test and you can't reach your teacher for clarification. In the same way, clarifying ideas to your study partner helps you grasp them better. It's always wonderful to learn alongside someone, and it makes the process enjoyable! However, be careful to study alone or with someone you know you can concentrate with.

Your teacher tells you that despite writing all of your answers accurately, "Your response does not correspond with the grading system!" if you frequently ask yourself, "Well, how might I know ahead of time what the inspectors want as the responses?" then allow us to inform you that almost all material in our study materials has been meticulously compiled by Cambridge professionals/ IGCSE chemistry tutor in Delhi online from IBGA with extensive classroom instruction experience. Therefore, it is impossible for you to receive a worse grade if you study from our notes.

Take The Help Of Google

You could come across some somewhat perplexing reactions as you go through your chemistry text book. You are welcome to seek assistance from internet resources. For instance, there are several YouTube videos that might help you review the subject if you're unclear about stoichiometry. You may select films created for your age group and they are all highly student-friendly. In order to increase your confidence, they frequently incorporate practice problems and questions that are walked through by qualified teachers.

There Is No Substitute For A Good Practice

Chemistry reactions are best remembered by practice. After you have completed rewriting, practice jotting down all the responses to a specific topic. To obtain a sense of the kinds of questions to anticipate, it might be helpful to practice with previous exams. To get the most accurate preparation, simulate test conditions by pacing yourself and practicing a prior paper without looking at your books. Even though it seems cliché, practice makes perfect!

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