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Become IGCSE Math Proficient With IBGA!

This IBGA course is ideal for anybody studying for the IGCSE. This course is ideal for anyone who wants to master crucial high school Math concepts (check the curriculum). This program covers Mathematics up to Grade 10, therefore if you are over that level, this program is not for you! Although IBGA has focused on the IGCSE curriculum, it covers general Math subjects that apply to students worldwide.

IBGA Is A Myth Buster

Many people believe that some people are born with the ability to be good at arithmetic while others are not. Many studies, however, have shown that there is no innate mathematical skill; anybody can become good at arithmetic if they work really hard and time. While it might be intimidating, arithmetic is a language that always has an answer. Numbers, after all, do not lie.

Because each lesson builds on the one before it, all math courses are taught in a certain order. If you're having trouble with a certain subject, concentrate on it till you understand it and can solve it. Don't skim through different topics because it will impede your development.

What Does It Take To Become A Good Mathematics Teacher According To IGCSE?


To become an IGCSE Maths tutor in Gurgaon- India one has to be really well versed in mathematics. He must be able to give students tips and tricks and teach them more angles than what is just in one textbook. So having a wide knowledge of mathematics is really important. The second thing is teaching strategies, which is an important term that means adopting a unique approach for different kinds of learners.


Some people learn visually and some people learn through hands-on activities, some people do better with hearing things. And a good math teacher is going to attend teaching conferences keeping up on the latest strategies, tips, and tricks for different kinds of learners to try a more encompassing educational experience that is going to help out all of the students.


The third characteristic is passion and if you are excited about the subjects and the learners, then it is good news for you. So it is very important to bring enthusiasm to the subject they can sometimes be seen as a little bit boring. Believe it or not, your excitement is soon going to catch on to the rest of the students. Contact IBGA for an online IGCSE math tutor!


It is the fourth characteristic of a good math teacher. When one deals with individual students it is important to realize that the kids are also humans, sometimes they might not be having a good day or they are having trouble focusing. It is important to be flexible and build a relationship that is based on trust. And if one successfully places the faith in his or her learners then the learners are going to place their faith with him or her. Eventually, they would be more likely to listen to you when you tell a math is fun.


One as a mathematics teacher has to make mathematics, a subject that can be like, how it is going to help in the real life? Any best tutor for IGCSE Maths connects mathematical concepts with the real world. This correlation of the mathematical concept should be done with simple things like money in our daily life.

What Will You Develop In Yourself With The IBGA Mathematics Course?

  • Formulae from Maths and other real-life situations should be stated in English or diagrammatic form first, then converted to letters & symbols.
  • Recognize that symbols could be used to detect the number in equations as well as variables in representations and formulae.
  • Our course will provide students with the knowledge and abilities they really have to feel ready and competent for their math tests. All subjects are taught simply and concisely to give pupils the best chance of passing their tests on short notice.
  • There are many other skills that would be developed that cannot be encompassed with the help of sentences.


If you really want to perform well in math, you must think rationally rather than superficially. You'll probably take the issue more seriously after being introduced to this way of thinking. Although there are several techniques to improve your arithmetic skills, there is no silver bullet. You must take just one small step, however, the more you exercise, the better you will get.

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