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Why To Choose IGCSE English?

According to IGCSE, EFL (English as a First Language) is intended for learners who have English as their primary language. ESL (English as a Second Language) is for people who wish to enhance their communication skills in English but whose mother tongue or native language is not English.

EFL might be a better option if you are at ease speaking English and use it as your primary language of communication. In terms of assessing vocabulary, grammar, spelling, punctuation, and other skills, the course is more advanced. It assumes that you're already a proficient English user, both in writing and speaking.

ESL is designed for people whose command of the English language is less developed and who want to develop their language abilities to increase their chances of pursuing further education or for the benefit of their intended vocation.

Why learning English as a second language is beneficial?

You can advance your career and increase your employment opportunities by taking English as a Second Language classes. Taking ESL classes will help you in many ways, regardless of whether your goal is to enter the US market or simply to increase your employment options.

English language proficiency is a requirement if you wish to conduct business with clients from around the globe. In fact, a lot of global companies won't even look at applicants who don't speak English well. In order to succeed in any international market, taking ESL classes might help you strengthen your commercial communication abilities.

Speaking English is a requirement if you wish to travel and experience various cultures. It is frequently the only language that individuals from other nations will understand. Your communication and pronunciation abilities can be improved with the use of ESL classes, allowing you to travel without difficulty. Contact IBGA for an IBGA English tutor!

It's critical to be up to date on technological developments in our increasingly international culture. Many technological advancements are created and introduced for the first time in English-speaking nations. You must study English if you really want to keep on top of things.

One of the best things you could do for your future as an international student is to enrol in ESL lessons. Due to their proficiency in English, these courses equip students to pursue a variety of jobs and achieve success in their chosen fields.

If you're seeking for work, ESL classes can be beneficial. Employers frequently favour hiring candidates who are proficient in English. By enrolling in ESL lessons, you may demonstrate to prospective employers that you really are serious about enhancing your English language abilities and increase your chances of landing the job you want.

You can learn more about cultures other than your own by enrolling in ESL classes. You must comprehend how other cultures operate and what sets them apart from one another if you want to succeed in your career.

Along with honing their language skills, students who enrol in English as a Second Language sessions also learn about the lifestyle of native speakers. People who desire to engage in a multicultural context or who intend to travel to foreign countries may find this to be very helpful.

Why learning English as a foreign language is beneficial?

EFL (English as a foreign language) is the learning of English by foreign speakers who reside in nations where it is not the official language.

Non-native speakers of English are learning it as a foreign language to benefit from its advantages because it is the world's "Lingua Franca" (a language that unites speakers of other languages).

You might be wondering what advantages there are now that we've discussed the difficulties of studying English as a second/foreign language. Since learning English is challenging, some people may question if it is worthwhile to even start studying the language. However, studying English has a wealth of advantages that can prepare you for a bright future.

Even when they're not located in an English-speaking nation, many higher education institutions use English as their primary medium of instruction. And some of the top colleges throughout the world are located in nations wherein English is the primary language. You can enrol in these programmes by studying EFL.

Having the opportunity to communicate with native speakers is one of the enjoyable advantages of learning a language. But since English is spoken in so many nations, studying English also makes it possible for you to interact with someone whom you don't really share a native tongue.

There is little doubt that those who study English will likely have more favourable employment offers than those non-native speakers who don't. Knowing English will open up a lot more jobs and chances for you because it is the language that is spoken by the most people and is used as official communication everywhere.

It can be quite advantageous for social and cultural reasons to learn ESL. You will be able to broaden your social network and meet friends all over the world because you will be capable of actively connect and speak with others! Having the ability to communicate in English will be very helpful when you are travelling. Ideally, English will be your shared language, so this will help you interact with others and learn more about them. Call IBGA for IGCSE English tutor in India!

Our Tutors Approach

The pupils can be guided from the dependent stage to the independent stage and finally to the interdependent stage by an English instructor who is creative, inventive, interactive, independent, and interdependent.

Only through education is human progress possible. Education becomes like intellectual cycling of the very same information handed from instructor to learner and back to tutor on the test without inspiration. Education should foster qualities like imagination that advance our knowledge and advance our species, rather than only transmitting information.

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