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IBGA’s Preferred Approach Toward The IGCSE Chemistry Learners

IBGA’s online chemistry tutor would be responsible for teaching high school and undergraduate chemistry courses to students online. The online tutor would be responsible for assigning lessons, grading homework and exams, and responding to student inquiries. The ideal tutor will have a bachelor's degree in chemistry or related field with expertise in the content of this course.

An IGCSE chemistry tutor from IBGA would be responsible for tutoring students in a one-on-one setting in their homes. This includes understanding students’ needs and goals, designing a plan to meet those needs, and executing the plan. Our tutors need to be able to work with students of all ages and levels of chemistry knowledge. They also need to have a detailed understanding of the subject matter and how it is taught in schools.

Students may find chemistry to be abstract because they frequently do not apply its concepts to their daily lives. Our tutors bring live chemistry courses into the classroom as an alternative to one-way lectures or teaching directly from the book. They can be shown or told what happening to atoms whenever they are heated.

Chemistry may be entertaining and useful. Let kids make oobleck out of cornstarch, alter the hue of a flame, add Mentos to Coca-Cola, and discover how antibiotics affect microorganisms. The goal is to involve the pupils. They'll recall the lesson, the experiment, and you.

Even if chemistry is challenging, there is a technique to make it a lot easier. Divide the most difficult subjects into manageable, bite-sized pieces. A tutor gives his students the resources they need to make the whole process easy rather than expecting them to memorize the full Periodic Table through one sitting. And when it gets hard, the tutor identifies the problems that the learners are having and assist them. Your pupils' knowledge needs to expand, much like chemical compounds do.

An IGCSE tutor-India may explain to the learners how quickly hydrogen peroxide breaks down, or tutor can just watch learners’ eyes sparkle when they really feel it. Tutor discovers pupils’ interests and relate the lessons he/she are teaching to their interests. Do you have sportspeople? Inquire as to why they consume Gatorade, and then go on to describe the benefits of the electrolytes. Every class benefits from having a real-world example since it fosters understanding, interest, and learning.

IBGA understands the attributes of a Good Online Teacher - Excellent communication skills

  • Demonstrated experience in the field of education
  • Ability to create engaging and interactive lessons
  • Desire to help students, no matter their age or level of understanding


An IGCSE chemistry tutor in Gurgaon online from IBGA is responsible for delivering the Cambridge Syllabus to students. IBGA’s chemistry tutor would be responsible for teaching the subject of chemistry to students in a private setting. This includes planning lessons, teaching, and assessing student progress.


  • Deliver a syllabus to IGCSE level (Cambridge syllabus)
  • Deliver the appropriate content to students at IGCSE level (Cambridge syllabus)
  • Give feedback to students on their work
  • Provide feedback and guidance to teachers of other subjects about the content of Chemistry lessons. (Contact IBGA to employ an IB chemistry in Delhi-India!)
  • Attend meetings and in house training sessions as required
  • Work with external agencies and other colleagues as required
  • Keep up to date with developments in their specialism, including new teaching methods, new research findings and new developments in chemistry, science and technology.
  • Requirements to teach in IBGA: - Minimum of many years’ experience as a Teacher of Chemistry, preferably at university level.
  • Demonstrated previous success teaching Chemistry at IGCSE level (Cambridge Syllabus)

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