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Our IGCSE English Class Feature:

  • Class room teaching (Focused teaching as it is always one to one)
  • Home Tuition – IB English Home Tuition service is available for those students who can’t come to our centre for any reason (like distance, traffic etc).
  • Online Tuition – IB English Online tutoring service is available for those students who are remotely available and can’t avail class room teaching or home tuition.

Everyone obviously wants to perform well in examinations or competitions, but getting a high score is not necessary for advantages. Vietnamese students are particularly interested in IGCSE since it is a global education credential that is used to recognize students' prior accomplishments before joining elite higher education in the United Kingdom or throughout the world.

Gaining a good IGCSE score also gives the following advantages:

  • Possess great employment potential and knowledge.
  • The capability to study overseas in established educational nations.
  • To fit into social life more readily, develop your professional talents.


Many schools all around the world recognize IGCSE as the entrance criterion for admission because to the aforementioned advantages. From this, it follows that the likelihood of success in life increases with IGCSE score. Employ an IGCSE English tutor Delhi-India from IBGA for more help!

What Makes IGCSE Special?

The curriculum also establishes a foundation to assist academic vocabulary, grammar, spelling, and punctuation in order to support kids in developing effective and self-assured communication abilities. IGCSE English as a subject improves students' analytical, synthesis, and reasoning skills as well as their capacity to plan events and effectively communicate ideas.

Through teaching and learning methods, IGCSE firmly pushes students to build global perspectives and foster international thinking. Students can sign up for the worldwide web of community learners to exchange resources, knowledge, and learning aids.

Due to the skills that the curriculum provides with various needs, one of the main advantages IGCSE gives is recognition from the finest colleges, organizations, governments, and businesses in the globe. The IGCSE certificate in particular amply demonstrates each student's aptitude and proficiency.

IGCSE English

Cambridge IGCSE Lit. English allows students to read, analyze, evaluate, and respond to a wide range of English Literature. Shakespeare's work to modern literature, and this together encompasses play, prose, and poetry. This course allows students to get a better knowledge and enables learners to have an appreciation for how writers utilize English to communicate ideas and create outcomes. Cambridge IGCSE Lit. English encourages students to read for enjoyment and to investigate broader universal problems, gaining a piece of knowledge about themselves and the planet. Contact a tutor for IGCSE english in Gurgaon from IBGA now! The programmes blend in-depth knowledge and comprehension of a subject with the development of skills necessary for learners' next stages in school or work.

Aims Of The IGCSE English Syllabus

  • Take pleasure in the reading experience literature
  • Comprehend and react to literary writings in various formats, from many times and cultures
  • Responsibly and effectively articulate an informed personal answer
  • Comprehend the many methods through which writers attain their results
  • Discover literature's contribution to aesthetic, creative, and intellectual development
  • Investigate the role of literature in comprehending issues of human concern.


IBGA’s learning is something that is matched to your needs and personality

Our English instructors or an IGCSE English tutor online can rapidly identify areas that will need to be concentrated on in classes to produce a permanent impact, whether it's skills, knowledge, or confidence! They do not rely just on one teaching style, but rather depend on significant expertise with a variety of ways to best fit individual pupils. Our tutors may also help with ADD/ADHD, Dyslexia, Autism Spectrum Disorder, and amongst many other things.

IBGA’s Tutor

All of our English teachers have been thoroughly background checked, are highly trained, and have years' experience. Every English instructor is as distinctive as your kid, and we take great delight in matching pupils with the finest possible tutor for learners' requirements and personality.

Our skilled IGCSE English instructors can help students feel confident in all areas, teach them exam skills, and guide them through the revision process, ensuring that all requirements are met, depending on which exams board is used.

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