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IBGA’s Mathematics Tutorial Philosophy & Approach For HL & SL

A Tutor For IB Maths-India offers extensive guidance and then progressively encourages students to become more autonomous as questioners and thinkers as they tie all together common themes of mathematical research, mathematical modelling, and the use of technology.

IBGA’s offline Or online IB math tutor offers the study techniques to learners to get ‘7’, and some of the outcomes a tutor achieves with learners are mentioned below:

  • After knowing their positives and negatives, the students should begin by answering book questions after each unit to determine their weaknesses in the subject.
  • Students should break down each issue, count how many steps they took, and compare that to the no. of steps provided in the solutions. If the no. of steps performed by students is more or lesser, they will need more practice. Learners must keep in mind that the rule is "no more, no less!"
  • Students should master the ability to manage their concentration curve.
  • While solving past papers for standardized examinations like the SAT, IB, ACT, GSCE, and others, the goal should be to answer questions with the least effort and time while receiving the highest possible score.

An IB math tutor online or offline makes the learners believe that it is a practice only that can make a learner perfect at mathematics.

Benefits Of Choosing IBGA’s Math Tutor As A Mentor

Your ward is going to save time and energy with the help of personalized solutions/instructions given by an IB tutor in India from IBGA. After the IB math tutor’s mentoring your ward would clearly understand the points mentioned below:

  • What exactly is the Math IA?
  • What sets it apart from other math tests?
  • Dissecting the marking criteria
  • How should an IA be structured?
  • How to include marking criteria components?
  • How to Write an IA in Math


Learn Mathematics With A Step By Step Procedure! - IB Global Academy

Discover the secrets of scoring 7 and improve your mathematical international dimension with the help of an IB maths tutor from IBGA!

Every problem has a solution, which is staunchly believed by the math learners from IBGA, which is simply the result of an effort of an online IB maths tutor in Delhi-India.

Before we move any forward it is important to understand the syllabus which is completely based on real-life scenarios and to tackle real-life issues. this level of study of mathematics requires an IB math tutor who is the master of attributes of an ideal global citizen, and whose approach to teaching is collaborative with the learners.

Syllabus – IB Mathematics

IB-Diploma Programme Syllabus (Maths)

For learners interested in maths, engineering, earth sciences, and economics, The IBO recommends maths AA. Learners interested in human sciences, natural sciences, healthcare, statistics, commerce, engineering, economics-finance, psychology, and design can benefit from maths AI. Both AA and AI are divided into standard levels & higher levels.

Many subjects in DP mathematics lend themselves to technological application. Graphical calculators, dynamic-graphing software, spreadsheet, simulations, apps, dynamic-geometry software, and interactive-whiteboard software are a handful of the numerous types of technology that may help in mathematics teaching and learning.

IB-Middle Year Programme Syllabus (Maths)

The themes and abilities in the MYP mathematics framework are designed so that learners can work at 2 different levels of difficulty:

  • Standard mathematics seeks to provide all students with a solid understanding of basic mathematical concepts while also allowing them to build the abilities required to satisfy The MYP mathematics objectives.
  • Extended mathematics is a type of mathematics in which the basic mathematical framework is extended with extra topics and abilities to provide more breadth and depth- and to understand more take the help of an online IB maths tutor in Gurgaon-india!

Mathematical in the MYP seeks to provide all learners with the information, comprehension, and intellectual capacities necessary to pursue additional mathematics courses, as well as to teach learners who will apply maths in their studies, jobs, and daily lives.

Mathematics is a crucial basis for learning sciences, engineering, and technologies, as well as a wide range of other applications.

Our Success Story Based On Below Methodology:

  • Highly experience IB Maths Teacher
  • Small Batches (Max of 3-4 student per batch)
  • Topic wise assignment (we have more than 2,000 maths topic wise questions for practice)
  • Topic wise & Full-length assessment.
  • Separate set of teachers for assessment.
  • After assessment we do discussion and work on grey areas.
  • Exam oriented preparation.
  • Solved past years paper.
  • Make students believe that with proper planning they can achieve their goals.

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