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An Overview Of IGCSE’s Subject English?

The two choices are equal in importance, in theory. According to IGCSE, learners who have their first language or mother tongue is English should take English as a First Language (EFL). If you want to improve your communication skills in English but don't speak it as your first language or mother tongue, enroll in ESL (English as a Second Language).
EFL might be a better option if you are at ease speaking English and use it as your primary language of communication. In terms of assessing vocabulary, grammar, spelling, punctuation, and other skills, the course is more advanced. It assumes that you're always a proficient English user, both in writing and speaking.

ESL is designed for those whose command of the English language is less developed and who wish to develop their language abilities to boost their chances of pursuing further education or for the benefit of their intended vocation. Contact the IGCSE English tutor in Gurgaon-India!

How To Make The Right Choice Between EFL And ESL?

Choosing the best solution for you consists of 2 primary considerations:

  • Your degree of comfort and knowledge of the English language.
  • Your long-term academic or professional goals


College admissions offices and potential employers typically favor applicants who have studied EFL because it gives them confidence that communication will not be a barrier to your academic or professional success if you wish to study or work in a nation where English is the first language of communication. The C in EFL is frequently preferable to the A in ESL, even though there is no official recognition of this fact.
ESL would be a better choice if you intend to study/work in a country where the English language is not the native tongue but it is not one's first language because you might be able to get better grades, which will affect/her performance as a whole and this high grade could be more enticing to admissions committees or employers.
In conclusion, you should pursue EFL if you are comfortable enough speaking English to do well in the course. ESL can be a better choice if your ability of familiarity is lower but you still want to demonstrate that you can speak clearly in English.
It is difficult and rarely reliable to assess one's linguistic abilities. Enrolling with IBGA's IGCSE English tutor in Delhi online which is renowned for its proficiency in IGCSE tuition and supporting students in improving their performance is the best approach to receive the information and direction you have to make the best decision and get the assistance and coaching you might need to score well.

Attributes That Must Be In A Tutor For IGCSE English From IBGA

  • To accommodate students' various needs, learning styles, and academic requirements, English education should be organized, planned, and delivered by the Cambridge curriculum and academic standards.
  • Create lesson ideas and present them using a variety of effective teaching philosophies and methods.
  • Through appropriate training that advances each student's knowledge and skills in pertinent grade levels and courses, all elements of communication may be addressed.
  • Administer academic tests to gauge students' success in achieving academic learning objectives and their growth in their knowledge.
  • Establish and uphold the standards of conduct for students necessary to manage a disciplined and effective learning environment.
  • Supervise any required extracurricular activities during the schooling session.
  • Does any other tasks that the principal or superintendent may designate.



The IGCSE is meant to serve as a springboard for admission to foreign universities as well as for further study abroad, such as the IB Diploma Programme. In reality, IGCSE students are more likely to have a fairly good knowledge of fundamental topics to expand on around the IB DP, according to certain subject matter professors.

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