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IB Global Academy is the Pioneer in Preparing Students for IB, IGCSE, SAT & AP

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IB Global Academy sets a roadmap for IB (MYP), IB(DP) & IGCSE, A/AS, AP and SAT

The team IBGA, at the coaching programme are dedicated about assisting students in realising their maximum potential and excelling academically. We provide a comprehensive range of services for coaching that are intended to aid students in their academic endeavours.

We consider learning to be enjoyable, participatory, and engaging. Our coaching programme is therefore created to be both instructive and pleasant. To make sure that our pupils are totally involved and eager to learn, we employ a range of teaching techniques.

Our knowledgeable tutors have a track record of assisting students in acquiring the abilities and knowledge required to succeed. They are authorities in their industries. We can assist you whether you wish to develop your study abilities or need assistance with a particular subject.


At IBGA we equip our students with IB philosophy and strategies to help them approach even the most advanced problems with ease and confidence by their critical thinking.

All our methodologies are focused towards passionate teaching and passionate learning to achieve highest grade.

We teach student the way IB Course is designed and what school syllabus says to perform in their formative, summative, or IB final exam.

Every student is different so every student need practice paper/assignment according to their level, so here in IBGA we customised assignment accordingly with easy, moderate or tough questions.


Our Assignments are Subtopic wise > Topics Wise > Full Length Papers.

Our Assignments will have varity of questions from various IB recommended books to school assignments and also from IB Question Bank, prepared by IB Global in house teachers.

Free Demo Class with option to have more then one demo with other teacher.

Class Room Programme.

Online Live Sessions: Expert IB Teachers | Interactive & Time Efficient | SmallGroup-Content

We Offer

  • IB MYP Tutor

    IB MYP Tutor

    IB MYP is a frame work that turns a student into a lifelong active learner and an individual with global mindedness on the foundation of compassion.
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  • IB DP Tutor

    IB DP Tutor

    A perfectly balanced curriculum that is based on communication, research and self-management. This course work is a pathway for the future education and career.
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  • IGCSE Tutor

    IGCSE Tutor

    IGCSE education emphasizes critical thinking, global understanding, and holistic development of a learner for postsecondary education and upcoming problems in a globalized society.
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  • IB CP Tutor

    IB CP Tutor

    An ideal IB CP tutor balances the development of practical skills with academic achievement in order to fully understand the needs of their students.
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  • SAT Tutor

    SAT Tutor

    Utilizing technology, Digital SAT is a commonly used, standardized evaluation method for colleges and universities to employ in the admissions procedure.
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  • AP Tutor

    AP Tutor

    Advanced Placement programme is implemented by US College Board. It entails supplying in-depth topic knowledge, test-taking tactics, and direction to assist students.
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  • IB MYP Test Series

    IB MYP Test Series

    The IB MYP preparation exam series is a drive on the road to excellence, seize the chance to push yourself, hone your abilities, and release your full potential.
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  • IB DP Test Series

    IB DP Test Series

    An ideal IB DP test series is created to be a thorough and strategic tool for students beginning their path towards achievement.
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Committed to creative learning

We are a professional academic service provider. We Choose to call ourselves as professional Academic service providers as we provide the best academic services to the IB and IGCSE students in the most professional way. Although professional and academic and not very closely related words, yet both of them have a lot of impact on our day to day lives and this is why we have chosen the above words to define ourselves.

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Our Proven Methodolgy



Our demo class demonstrates purposeful and careful reflection on one's learning experiences, activities, and results associated with the subject. It entails examining one's strengths and shortcomings, progress, and growth areas while promoting self-awareness and assisting in the development of higher-order cognitive abilities.



Based on the student's performance in the demo class, a personalized framework is established that includes each student's unique learning objectives, materials, and assessments for individualized training.



Tutors strategize and lead IB students by providing individualised assistance, unique tasks, differentiated teaching, inspiration, and feedback, all of which foster a productive learning environment.



To utilize tools effectively, IB students require the assistance of an IB instructor. To make the best use of the resources available, they must comprehend the curriculum, manage their time, participate actively, and reflect.



In learning, an expert IB instructor offers well-structured assistance while utilizing the relevant resources and emphasizing conceptual comprehension, critical thinking, and individualized teaching.


Techniques for Exam

For effective exam preparation, IB students receive the advice of an IB tutor to improve their test-taking techniques, time management skills, essay organization, and question analysis.

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