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Learn Physics With IBGA!

There are lots of romanticized reasons why we should study physics. One must study physics because it serves and attribute a powerful set of skills. Let us say the study of calculus which is obviously mathematics but it is commonly used in physics and it is basically used in everything we see around us.

The calculus combined with differential geometry is a very important part of the mathematics of general relativity. And General relativity is the reason that our satellite navigation works the way it does.

The primary reason for studying physics is an interest in how the world really works. In complement to that information, you will develop a set of extremely relevant abilities that will make you appealing to a wide variety of businesses. A physics degree will prepare you to be an adept problem solver.

IBDP Physics Syllabus

Two very different IB Physics SL as well as HL have the same basic criteria and the same amount of hours (requiring 95 teaching hours). The same eight topics will be covered in both classes.

Things to do while you sit in the exam:

An IB physics tutor from IBGA suggests that learners must get very clear about what the question is asking because it usually enables one to solve the problem. Make sure you cross out the answers that you know along the way later on. Put a marker as an indicator beside any question that you have not answered or are unsure of. If you are stuck somewhere move on just to make a second pass through the test. The second pass would help you to understand where you were and left off.

The other big advantage of the second pass is that you are giving your subconscious mind a little bit of time to process that information and typically when you come back to the question it is with fresh eyes and a lot of ideas that would not have settled for you originally will now have settled, so things will become clearer for you and you will be much more likely to be able to solve the problem.

In the final five minutes, you can do your guessing work and it is good because there is no penalty for wrong answers. And one could learn all these from an IB physics tutor in Delhi from IBGA.

IB Physics Online Study

Physics looks to be a very hard science, with various difficult ideas for beginners to grasp. Our online physics tutor in Gurgaon is here to help students learn by linking matter to real-world concepts they are familiar with.

Our online IB physics instructors are experts in expressing the most sophisticated calculations and concepts in an instinctual way through customized lesson plans and individualized teaching styles,based on the student's tutoring needs and learning interests. Through our IB exam preparation online, students will receive lessons on the topics that are most essential to them.

Our private physics instructors are familiar with the school assessment board and guarantee that students receive the finest assistance possible for higher outcomes. Our tutoring session begins with a one-on-one session between both the IB online tutor as well as the student to examine what the learner wants and collaborate on a long-term strategy to help them achieve it.

Benefits Of Learning IBDP Physics From IBGA

  • Through customized supervision, explore real-life examples of applied sciences that coincide with the IB-MYP curriculum.
  • Discover the connections between many fields of research and the significance of the chemistry topic of study.
  • Experiment with multimedia tools to comprehend the minute atomic components that make up the foundation of all life in our universe.
  • Learn to ask insightful questions and get a greater understanding of the world.


MYP e-Assessment topics covered for the learners with the help of IB chemistry tutors-India are:

  • Students may attend our interactive classrooms at any time and from any location.
  • Students comprehend via learning experiences, periodic developmental and thorough assessments, assignments, and quizzes.
  • Sharp student inquiry combined with practical assignments connects scientific theory to real-world applications.
  • Student-centered tutoring that is adaptable


Our Success Story Based On Below Methodology:

  • Highly experience IB Physics Teacher
  • Small Batches (Max of 3-4 student per batch)
  • Topic wise assignment (we have more than 2,000 maths topic wise questions for practice)
  • Topic wise & Full-length assessment.
  • Separate set of teachers for assessment.
  • After assessment we do discussion and work on grey areas.
  • Exam oriented preparation.
  • Solved past years paper.
  • Make students believe that with proper planning they can achieve their goals.

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