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A Viewpoint of an IGCSE French tutor: Importance of French language and IGCSE French Coursework

A Viewpoint of an IGCSE French tutor: Importance of French language and IGCSE French Coursework 08/22/2023

France is a member of the European Union and is spoken by around 110 million people, mostly by those who reside in France, as well as an additional 190 million people who speak it as a second language. It is also the official language of 29 nations.

In Switzerland, Belgium, and Luxemburg, French is widely spoken. French was brought to Canada by French explorers under the command of Jacques Cartier in 1554, and it is mostly spoken in Quebec.

The British Crown Dependencies Jersey and Guernsey, which are located in the English Channel and are just off the Normandy coast of France, have French as their official language.

There are five continents where French is spoken. French becoming one of the best second languages for travel.

With more than 70 million tourists just in one year, France is the second most popular tourist destination in the entire globe.

French is also widely spoken throughout the Caribbean, Canada, Europe, and several regions of Asia and Africa.

French is the tongue of culture, offering the door to everything from art to music to dance to fashion to gastronomy to movies.

France is among the most prolific worldwide filmmakers, as is evident when you glance in the foreign film department of your neighbourhood video store.

 When the world's top films, directors, and performers are announced, the Cannes International Film Festival captures everyone's attention. You may enjoy a French movie without using subtitles if you are fluent in the language.

It should come as no surprise that French terms associated with good dining and wine exports, such as brie, foie gras, and sauvignon blanc, are also widely used.

However, the French language also has an impact in the kitchen, outside of the restaurant. French culinary techniques, such as consomme, julienne, and even mayonnaise, have been self-taught by chefs.

IGCSE French explained by an IGCSE tutor in Gurgaon

The French IGCSE Course is intended for students learning the language to improve their chances of success in school or the workforce.

It will aid in developing hearing, reading, conversational, and written French abilities. Both paper-based materials to read and MP3 files are used in this course.


It is assumed that learners have some prior knowledge of the French language because the course is not designed for total novices.

The first few sessions are intended to refresh pupils on the fundamental linguistic concepts of French and to get them ready for the IGCSE-style activities that will be included in the remaining courses. This doesn't have to be overly broad.

The course bundle comprises a foundational French course that can provide a framework for learning with increasing understanding. The home study programme consists of five modules, 36 lessons overall, and 12 tutor-marked assessments (TMAs), one of which is an oral practice exam.

Exam Specifications

The Edexcel IGCSE French (4FR1) Specification, which will be administered in May/June 2021 onwards, will be covered in the French IGCSE programme. A speaking test and two written papers are used for evaluation.

  • 25% of the total marks are allocated to Paper 1: Listening (35 minutes).
  • 50% of the final grade will be determined by Paper 2: Reading and Writing (1 hour 45 minutes).
  • The speaking test (8–10 minutes) accounts for 25% of the final score.

You must have some prior understanding of French in order to enroll in this course. For further practice with the spoken portion of the course, it is also advised that you be connected with a native French speaker. An IGCSE French tutor from IBGA can be your perfect language partner for French.

Preparation for exams

It's challenging to acquire good IGCSE French scores. Forth addition to putting forth a lot of effort, you also need professional advice.

Online Tuition lessons are offered by an IGCSE Tutor in Gurgaon and are taught by a team of professionals in all significant disciplines from IBGA. The recommendations for IGCSE students to assist them achieve high scores in IGCSE French are listed below.

Focus on academics; avoid cramming. Also, focus on your speaking, reading, writing, and listening abilities. The more you interact with the French language, the more likely it is that you will quickly grasp it. Establish a regimen, and you'll be able to earn an A* in French for the IGCSE with pride.


  • You need to pay attention to everything said above. And flourish in the ability to communicate both easily and effectively in a variety of languages.
  • Additionally, learn about the French-speaking culture, neighborhoods, and society. Additionally, engage in various activities to comprehend the character of the language.
  • The most important thing you must do while speaking French is to promote good attitudes and a compassionate approach.
  • Enjoy every lesson you take in a classroom or online. So, you can comprehend it well. To fill in your gaps, work on memorizing information and making conclusions.
  • Continue your efforts to learn foreign languages as well. Learn about the main beliefs, attitudes, and viewpoints concerning the French language.
  • Don't forget to take part in normal discussions as well to sharpen your comprehension abilities. In addition, jot down new words each day and study them.
  • Ask lots of questions: Ask your IGCSE instructors or school teachers questions if you wish to comprehend French topics.
  • Don't be reluctant to inquire or talk with your friends' circle. It aids in getting rid of your reluctance and boosting your confidence. If you avidly join in discussion groups, you have completed half of your preparation.
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