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An Overview: IB’s extended essay

An Overview: IB’s extended essay 06/15/2022

The Extended Essay is an in-depth examination of a specific topic picked from the list of Diploma Programme courses available for the session in inquiry. This is usually one of the six courses chosen by the student for the IBDP, or a subject in which the programme student has a background. It is meant to develop academic research work abilities by giving students the chance to do a personal study on a topic of their choosing under the supervision of a mentor (A relevantly qualified staff from the IB school).

This results in a substantial piece of professionally presented, organized writing in which concepts and discoveries are expressed in a sensible and logical way relevant to the selected subject. All students must attend three assessment sessions with their mentor, which include a brief, closing interview, or viva, with their supervisor after completing the lengthy essay. This extended essay is graded using common criteria that are interpreted differently for each subject – and to know more you can contact an online IB English tutor in Gurgaon!

How important it is to be strategic while picking a relevant topic For EE?

The EE allows students to strike two birds with a single stone, but many learners struggle with topic selection and end up picking a subject without the need for a plan. This option would reflect both an interest in and ability level in this area, which is required to be competent in the topic for which they are applying. What better way to do so than to have completed a 4,000-word research paper on the subject?

What kills strategic approach?

Students frequently fail to read the instructions, which is critical to knowing how to properly satisfy the assessment requirements. The guide, known as ‘The Extended Essay Guide,’ is available to learners on its own website and is almost 300 pages lengthy, so one could understand why students may want to skip it.

Unfortunately, many children come up with concepts that are just inappropriate. If they had studied the instructions carefully, they would have realized that these ideas would not work for several reasons.

Learners underestimate how long the procedure will take, particularly in the early phases. Choosing a subject, topic, and narrowing down a study topic may appear to be the easiest part, but these are the most time-consuming. It cannot be completed the night just before the deadline; this is how poor judgments are made! Exploring various concepts, literature, or findings of the study to determine their potential as topics for further research takes time. 

Before finalizing the subject and research inquiry with their supervisor, students must have a very solid notion in their minds of where they will collect the material, to address their research question.

How Extended Essay is more than a task?

Extended essay is a task which avails with learning experience with the help of the best IB English tutor! The EE provides an opportunity for students to acquire critical academic abilities that they will need in university , written correspondence, scholastic honesty, to name a few. Whenever the EE is considered as a topic to be studied rather than a work to be accomplished, the process of learning is prioritized. The Extended Essay is a time-consuming procedure designed to instil crucial academic abilities. If it is hurried, such talents will not be able to consolidate.

Be willing to revise your Extended Essay

Throughout the EE process, students have a supporting connection with their supervisor. This entails getting both official and informal comments, as well as detailed input on the initial draft. Learners are expected to revise, edit, and proofread their work, but usually, they never leave plenty of time for this.

Remember that after the article is completed, it is your turn to edit the text – there is still progress to be made labelling graphics, checking every source, producing cover pages, and potentially adding sections at the end. The IB is quite particular about formatting. It needs a certain font style and size; these are all aspects that students sometimes overlook due to time constraints – and the help of an IB tutor in Delhi-India from IBGA would help a lot!

The editing method is time-consuming, but practicing being thoughtful and critical of one’s own work is a valuable talent to cultivate. Sharing this crucial piece of writing for critique with classmates, parents, and instructors is a wonderful experience that may help an EE progress from excellent to outstanding. When a literary text requires so much work, students find it difficult to be receptive to comments and modifications. But every edit strengthens and evolves an EE! And don’t you would like it to be your absolute finest attempt after all of your hard work?

The EE may be one of the most gratifying and beneficial experiences IB students will have with proper planning, preparation, time management, and organization. However, if your kid or daughter is missing deadlines and unable to see the jungle for the trees, get help right away to get them back on the right track.

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