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Benefit of IB learning in Covid 19

Benefit of IB learning in Covid 19 11/11/2020

COVID-19 has been declared a pandemic by WHO and the pandemonium has been reigning ever since. Just one microscopic entity brought the world to a halt and nothing has been the same. With school closures worldwide, it has even threatened the right to education, but like every other great crisis, it is seeing a sharp rise in online tutoring. A lot of confusion has also ensued, and a virus that was first seen in Wuhan, China has now gripped the world. Rising numbers across the world, such as in Italy, Spain, and now that the United States has become the epicenter of the novel coronavirus, is surely distressing. The result has been closures of schools in over 120 countries! Even the disruption in the field of education is also unparalleled in the current scenario. In these uncertain times of the COVID-19 crisis, where everybody is urged to follow social distancing and hand washing has become the norm, Online Tutoring seems to be the only beacon of hope and a way of life for students. Although the world has come to a standstill during the coronavirus crisis, technology has proved to be a boon in a time like this. With everything now shutting down and every day one is witnessing an exponential rise in the cases of infection, online tutoring platforms have stepped up to provide learning. Even the number of cases reported among the children is low, children are seen as the hidden victims of this pandemic. As the regular means of education, such as the schools, colleges, etc., stand shut, experts worry that there are going to be short as well as the long-term impacts on their well-being. Online education is truly acting as a lifeline to young scholars while their parents and caregivers face the very risk of losing their jobs and livelihood.


IB online tutor is the best form for students to learn better in comfortable environment. students should enroll early for their online IB tuitions so that the IB ONLINE  TUTORS  can get enough time to work with them. This way IB tutors IN DELHI can finish their syllabus before time and students get more time to revise and practice. There are students who start their tuitions even before their schools start the sessions. This gives the students an edge over their friends who are only dependent on classroom learning. If they are taking online tuitions for subjects like Mathematics, Physics, Economics, etc, they should keep their Formula booklet with them and make a habit of checking formulas from it during the sessions. Students should log in to their Skype or Zoom account a few minutes before the session starts. They should avoid all distractions from the place where they will sit during their online IB tuitions. Students must respect their virtual classroom as they do with their physical classroom. They must buy a good quality headset. It’s an important tool. Better quality will help in better communication, ending in better results for them. We believe that no COVID could destroy the future of IB learners. We believe education can happen anywhere as in modern world technologies have been ease on learning methodology. More parents are using online tutoring services because of convenience and affordability attached to them in comparison with home tutors. Since one can find many of such services on the internet, IB Online Tutoring services are best. All registered IB Online Tutors have to do many tests in the subject they are going to be teaching, test on interpersonal communication and many more. All IB home tutor are sufficiently knowledgeable and skilled and because of this parents can be sure that hiring them for exam preparation, homework assistance, general study etc. will not be wastage of time and money.  IB Tutoring services have the main focus on to cover many subject matters at different levels. This will mean that one student can use only one service for all type of academic task.

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