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Choosing subjects for the IB diploma program: A guide

Choosing subjects for the IB diploma program: A guide 04/30/2022

IB Diploma Programme moulds the students to think equivalent to global standards and they are trained to prepare themselves for the higher education in the top Universities. Students grasp knowledge in IBDP to act upon it, consider things critically, be open to inquiry, cultivate an open mind, and empathize, to be cultural conscious while being tough and cognitively challenging.

In the IBDP, there are six major areas of subjects. Including Mathematics; Sciences; and the Arts there are some of the topics covered like Language & Literature; Language Acquisition; Individuals & Societies – and this all can be studied well with the help of an IB tutor in India from IBGA!

The concept of SL & HL

Within each category, there are two levels: Standard Level (SL) & Higher Level (HL) (HL). Students are confronted with a variety of subjects and are capable of creating links between them by taking SL courses. Students at HL have the option to delve further into their passions through courses. The SL subjects take 150 hours to teach, while the HL subjects take 240 hours.              

The option to choose a suitable combination of subjects under the guidance of an IB tutor in New Delhi-India from IB Global Academy makes students more confident about their future studies and career on the ground of self-awareness.

IBDP allows choosing relevant courses

When it comes to the selection of the subjects, it is suggested that the students must select the subjects that are both engaging and feasible. The reason is simple students have to study subjects in depth for two years with full dedication.

Students must investigate and grasp what each topic does have to provide, and also what they must learn within each subject. They might check the IB topic guide for extra information about the subject. It is critical for a student to have a strong interest in the disciplines he or she has selected.

Even an online IB tutor of physics in Delhi understands that it is critical for a student to have a strong interest in the disciplines he or she has selected. Any student in IBDP program has to take internal and external assessments, and for each subject he/she has to study deeply in order to score good i.e. 6 to 7 IB grade, which would be helpful for the students to maintain eligibility for the admissions in good universities around the world. And an IB tutor in India knows this all can be achieved by the student only when he is inflated with motivation to study the subjects.

The freedom to choose the subjects on the ground of standard level and higher level is just like an option for the students to go with their choice. Eventually, if the students enjoy such freedom there are great chances for them to find the subjects intriguing. The importance of SL and HL options can also be accepted because relevant subject levels and academic combinations will be required by different universities.

It is more vital to earn great outcomes in your high-level subjects than it is to achieve the best possible overall average grade at many institutions. Check to see if the institution you wish to attend places a higher value on doing extraordinarily well in the HLs than on getting the highest grade.

Through academic assignments, group assignments, and other social activities, the IBDP helps students improve their analytical reasoning, communication, and teamwork abilities.

Subjects in IBDP

Depending on the requirements and academic goals of students, schools and institutions offer a range of IBDP disciplines. Students choose one subject from a list of five options. In the IBDP, students will choose 3 SL and 3 HL topics. In addition, each student must complete three IBDP core components: Theory of Knowledge, CAS, and Extended Essay (Creativity, Activity, and Service).

In IBDP there are subject groups from 1 to 5 just to assure the depth of knowledge and comprehension in their primary language, extra language(s), social sciences, experimental sciences, and mathematics. There is a Group 6 from which the students must additionally select one of the arts subjects or a second topic from Groups 1–5 – and the guidance of an IB tutor in Noida from IBGA would be effective to understand more about the subjects.   Subjects in the DP program can be studied at either a higher or lower level. And when it comes to the freedom of combination of subjects then it should be understood that at least three, but no more than four, subjects can be selected at a higher level. The rest of the subjects are taken at a standard level. Students can choose their languages (medium to study) like French, Spanish and English.

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