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English Essay: Ace your introduction paragraph

English Essay: Ace your introduction paragraph 03/05/2022

An introduction is the first paragraph of your essay so it should be impressive enough to grab the interest of the readers. The first couple of sentences set the tone for the whole essay and these sentences are termed as ‘hook’ or ‘attention getter’ only when they are clear, concise, and catchy. This reaches out to bring readers in, so it should also be interesting and insightful. 

Comprehend the purpose of Introduction

Writing should be thought of as communication. And this includes essays written for classes. That is why the introduction is about the reader. We want to draw in the reader by grabbing their attention and then say something about what the rest of the essay will be about. So the readers may have a better idea that what is to come. This would give the reader the best chance to be interested and understand, how all of the content of the essay connects together – and for more help on this topic take tuition from IGCSE online english tutor!

Without a doubt, this involves giving the background of the essay to help establish, what the essay going to be about in general. And then after the background, the thesis and main idea will specifically state exactly, what will be developed in the rest of the essay.

The attention-getter/hook strategies

This will spark the interest of readers and drive them to read what you have written. The strategy to do so, includes two ways to draw readers in. The first is to provide a piece of information that is an interesting fact/statistic and the second approach is to ask a thought-provoking question. Both approaches get the reader to think about the essay. So make sure that the attention relates to the topic as well.

Let us assume that we have a topic ‘Tutor for IGCSE English & Students in online classrooms’ and the attention-getter/hook strategy connects to the topic since it is directly about online classes, so they are well connected and it draws the reader into what the essay will be about.  

The second strategy is to ask thought-provoking questions for this strategy. We think of something more interesting than what is an online class and more into a question that means something more significantly meaningful for the readers. The question here connects to the life of a student and poses an interesting question that any computer student has likely thought about. 

The context of the essay

The main idea about the attention getters is that we want to be interesting and really engage the reader in thought to get them thinking and interested in your writing. After the attention getter comes the context of the essay will help give the reader a more specific idea about what this essay will say about online classes.

So in other words it will be more specific about what the topic is in general. The background here provides general but well-connected information about online classes that defies what they are and why they matter. This helps you know what the rest of the essay will be about.  

Tell readers much more about topic to make it easier for them to transition into the thesis/main concept and essay. This should be done just after the ‘attention getter’.

For example, online courses are getting more and more popular due to how convenient they are. Students can choose when and where to complete the course while working towards their degree. As long as students have internet access, they can access and complete course requirements.

The Thesis/Main Idea

The final part of the introduction is the main idea or the thesis. This occurs after the background or context of the paragraph, one part of the thesis is the topic that we already have. However, we also need a controlling idea or sometimes called the slant. This will give the reader a much more specific idea of what the essay is about.

So for the controlling idea or slant, we ask ourselves, what we want to do, with this topic. And we especially have to look back at the essay requirements to answer this. So let us say for example the requirements to write an illustration essay. In this we know that examples need to be given to show an idea keep that in mind, we need to look back at the points for our paragraphs.

The outline was made from patterns we found with our brainstorming. Now we look again for patterns for our thesis. We ask ourselves, what can we say about them? What idea can connect them all together?

For example, the thesis will connect all the points together, so just read

o             Online students can be tech-savvy

o             Students have many freedoms in online classes

o             Students have to be responsible and self-motivated

Then the possible thesis would be: Online students must be tech-savvy, responsible, and self-motivated to benefit from the freedoms of online classes with IB English tutor Gurgaon.

One connection is the idea of how to benefit or be successful in an online class. So we include that idea. We also include the points within the thesis. ‘The Bold’ and ‘Italicized’ words are put into the thesis. So the result is at points of tech-savvy responsible freedom and self-motivation or put into the thesis to show what students should be. The word ‘benefit’ shows the idea that connects the points together. All these attributes and the points benefit students and putting all of us together in the thesis the reader a very clear idea of, what is specific to come in the essay. 

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