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Essay Elements: Significance of writing procedure

Essay Elements: Significance of writing procedure 02/27/2022

How we consider and write is called the writing technique. This is important for academic writing since it lets us write down more effectively. It may be hard to realize wherein to start or what steps to follow as a way to save us effort.

When it comes to elements of the writing process, they can be defined as brainstorming, outlining, drafting, revising, and editing.


Brainstorming helps us to develop ideas, points, and topics, we will write about in an essay. However, keep in mind it can also happen when we begin writing.

When we begin to write we may need to brainstorm, what content to write about such as, what examples connect to a point within one of our paragraphs? Keep in mind that brainstorming must happen at the beginning. But we are often brainstorming as we write the essay.


Another important step in the writing process is outlining like brainstorming. This can happen in our minds or through writing using different types of outlining. We might do this in the beginning when deciding what points to connect to the main idea and later arrange and rearrange paragraphs and even sentences within those paragraphs.

With this step, we keep asking ourselves, how we can make this essay easy for the reader to follow.


The most essential step of writing an essay is actually writing it which is known as drafting it. This is often most dreaded, but actually the shortest step in the writing process. Drafting is simply writing out the actual content that you have been brainstorming and planning. The reason many writers fear this step is that they do not trust the draft will be good.

However, all first drafts need work just because the essay is written, does not mean, you cannot go back and outline even do a little brainstorming. Even though this means that you can make your essay better. After drafting making the essay better is called revision.


The act of revision involves double-checking the content ideas and structure of the essay. It also involves adding removing and rearranging content when needed. This is similar to outlining and brainstorming, but the revision is about working with the draft directly. This is the most important part of the writing process. Notice that during the step you can double-check writing requirements and correct issues with writing.

It directly impacts the effectiveness of your writing and it can be suggested with certainty that you must revise if you want to be successful. The more you revise the better your essay would be.

It is understood it is going to take time and effort. It even involves doing the essay than when it is due to allow time and energy to revise. However, it is a single difference between effective and ineffective essays.


Once organization and content are done, we look again at the same focus more on grammar mechanics and small details. This can include the writing requirements as well. Like revision, this can make your essay much more effective. Taking a time to look for details can help your writing tremendously with grammar punctuation and so forth.

Again it may involve planning ahead and getting the draft done early. However, it will be worth it.

Significance of writing procedure

First of all starting or brainstorming is often difficult and sometimes students do not know, how to do so and it might lead one to procrastination. Related to this issue is how, when we start late, we do not have time to revise. This then often leads to an essay that does not your full writing potential. As a result, many students think their writing and not the writing process is the problem. So if this is your situation now is the time to change that with the help of an IB tutor in Delhi from IBGA.

Make the full writing process happen especially drafting early so that you can revise it. Then you give the best chance to show how awesome of a writer you really are.

The writing process is not just about how to write but connects to, how writing is graded and evaluated. You will observe each step of the writing process helps to develop important writing areas, so that is even more reason to use the writing process. When we use to process it also allows us to focus on different areas of writing. To learn and practice more you have options to take classes at IBGA.

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