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Grounds on which IGCSE has precedence over ICSE!

Grounds on which IGCSE has precedence over ICSE! 08/10/2022

Many times we compare two things with each other, especially when our interest is sparked because we are ought to choose one of those. So many of us wonder how the IGCSE education system of the UK differs from the ICSE education system of India. Another big question is what is the acceptability of the same in colleges across India and worldwide?  

Functions of ICSE educational System

The Government of India has recognized both IGCSE and ICSE boards. This is sufficient for the Indian parents to trust such boards for the bright future of their offspring. Both of these boards are different from each other on the ground of curriculum, modes of assessment, and many other things. Primary, secondary, and senior secondary are the three levels of the Indian education system. All these levels are important and cater to the needs to shape the development and growth of a child.

The council for the Indian School Certificate Examination regulates the examination process of the ICSE Board (The Indian Certificate of Secondary Education). CISCE is a government-recognized private board for school education in India. Contact IGCSE Online Tutors from IBGA to discuss more!

The classes in ICSE boards start from nursery, pre-KG, and KG, and then comes the primary section from classes one to five. The secondary section in ICSE is from classes 6 to 10. In the tenth standard, an individual takes his first board exams. After which eleventh there comes higher secondary, which is the second board exam that has to be taken by an individual.

Post to it, one applies to colleges and universities for graduate programmes. The students are not allowed to choose their subjects and they compel to study what the board has designed for the certain grade they are in. 

Functions of IGCSE educational system

International General Certificate of Secondary Education is the full form of IGCSE. It provides pupils with English language instruction in preparation for the BTEC Level 3, International Baccalaureate, and A-level curricula. It is built on the O-Level of the GCE. It’s also considered equal to GCSE and other foreign curricula- and to understand more contact IBGA the IGCSE online tutors academy!  

Here level one or two are lower primary and level 3 to 6 which is pretty much like ‘class 2 to 5 in ICSE, and is primary in IGCSE. And there is level 7 to 9 which is equivalent to class 6 to 8 equivalent of ICSE. After the secondary finishes at level nine, the learners prepare for IGCE boards over two years. So there is no concept of grade 9 and after completing board level in IGCSE one has to spend two years for the IGCSE board exam. 

University of Cambridge International Examinations laid the foundation of IGCSE.   Students in the program begin in year 10, or Grade 9, as well as the test for the Grade 10, is administered at the conclusion of year 11.

Many national curricula consider the IGCSE to be an international alternative. Its certifications are mainly focused on individual fields of study, therefore a student will earn IGCSE certificates with the help of IGCSE tutors Gurgaon-India for each course they take.

This board allows the independence in choosing the subjects, and only the core subjects are mandatory which are English, Mathematics, and Science. The learners can choose up to 10 subjects and the board also give you a choice, of whether one wants to break those up and appear on the boards, for half of the IGCSE subjects at the end of one year. And the other half can be carried to the next year.

The exams are conducted twice a year in the month of May and October/November, and no matter which of them a learner appears for. In mathematics, there are core levels and advanced levels. So a learner who is not interested in advanced math because he finds it not much worthy for his major subject in the future, so he enjoys the independence. The same thing is applicable to science also – and you can ace your exams with the help of IGCSE tutors in Delhi-India from IBGA! 

As in ICSE, there is 11th and 12th/ Higher Secondary (2nd board exam), and there is Level A for two years. And post-A-levels, the learner is eligible to apply to universities and colleges. So the learner can choose only those subjects that he had chosen in his previous board.

The major benefit of IGCSE is that it serves the learner’s leniency in learning. What makes IGCSE passed certificate so important is that it is recognized worldwide including in India. Students can carry forward grades to foreign universities. A provision that is not available to ICSE schools. The board believes in the development of teachers through training so that the teaching methodology may evolve.       

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