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Guide to Online Chemistry for the IGCSE

Guide to Online Chemistry for the IGCSE 05/16/2024

Known by an IGCSE chemistry tutor in India as the "Central Science," chemistry connects the biological sciences, applied sciences like engineering and medicine, and the physical sciences.

Students can thoroughly understand this crucial world by completing the Chemistry International General Certificate of Secondary Education (IGCSE).

As a leading provider of British education, IBGA enables students to advance to some of the world's most prestigious colleges, such as Oxford, Cambridge, and prestigious US universities.

Attributes of an Ideal Student

At IBGA, an IGCSE chemistry tutor in Gurgaon values each student's diversity and recognizes the individuality of every child in our community. Our philosophy is based on the idea of fostering not only exceptionally talented pupils but also people who are unique in other respects.

What makes your child unique is the question we want to ask you. This difference may be found in their method of instruction, level of worldly curiosity, or fortitude amid difficulties.

Traits that make an IBGA student successful

At IBGA, success is not measured singly; rather, it is the result of a person's hard effort, natural ability, unshakeable will, and pure devotion to their objectives.

We are looking for resilient students, who have a solid support system and are eager to share their accomplishments and the life lessons they have discovered.

Alongside our world-class instructors, who possess MAs, MScs, and PhDs in their respective fields, our students are not only getting ready for exams but also for an incredible future full of accomplishments.

Dreams and Ambition

We think that aspirations and goals have power. A firm understanding of your goals will provide your educational career with a strong direction.

We want to provide our IGCSE Chemistry learners the tools they need to pursue their goals of becoming cutting-edge researchers, creative engineers, or prominent environmentalists. "Laborare ad Consequi," which means "Work to Achieve," is our school slogan.

We want you to think about this idea and examine how it aligns with your personal goals.

Morality and Behavior

We place great importance on choosing students who are not only academic achievers but who have admirable moral qualities in an increasingly competitive environment.

We invite potential students to highlight their kindness, empathy, and honesty in their private statements, emphasizing how these qualities enhance their entire profile as a community member and learners.


When students are eager and prepared to participate, the learning environment is at its best. We start our live, interactive lectures at 9 am UK time so that students are focused, awake, and ready to learn.

It is imperative that our students either live in different time zones that accommodate this timetable or are open to modifying their schedules to fit in with our class times.

Our teaching style is built on real-time communication and participation, which sets us unique from learning platforms that just rely on video content, even though we use digital and technological platforms to deliver education.

All things considered, the ideal pupil for IGCSE Chemistry at IBGA is someone who makes an impression with their commitment to learning, sense of purpose, moral integrity, and readiness to participate fully in our lively school community.

Should your kid be ready to start this thrilling voyage with us, we would love to know more about the things that make them special about our school.

An IGCSE Chemistry Tutor in Delhi at IBGA teaches more than just a course—it's a route to success in the scientific community both academically and professionally in the future. We cordially encourage you to become a part of our community of educators and learners, and we are committed to offering a thorough education.

What credentials does the IGCSE Chemistry course offer?

In IGCSE Chemistry, students can choose between two main qualifications: the CIE IGCSE (A-G) 0620 the field of chemistry which is open to a wider global audience, and the CIE IGCSE (9-1) 0971 the field of chemistry which is exclusively made for UK students.

What is the duration and mode of delivery for the IGCSE Chemistry course?

The two-year IGCSE Chemistry course is taught by IGCSE teachers in Gurgaon virtually by qualified and experienced instructors, guaranteeing a lively and engaging learning environment.

How soon is the academic year for IGCSE Chemistry going to begin?

For IGCSE Chemistry, the academic year runs from September to July, providing a flexible yet structured schedule of study to meet the demands of a diverse student body that includes students from around the world.

Which subjects make up the core curriculum for the IGCSE Chemistry?

To give students a thorough understanding of chemical values and their real-world applications, the curriculum covers a wide range of subjects, including the particle-like nature of substances, experimental methods, atomic arrangement, stoichiometry, and the fundamentals of organic chemistry.

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