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How to improve cambridge IGCSE chemistry practical skills in remote learners?

How to improve cambridge IGCSE chemistry practical skills in remote learners? 08/20/2022

Chemistry is one of the subjects that has significant amount of practical work. So when it comes to online classes/remote learning it becomes challenging. To cope with the challenges IBGA’s chemistry tutors work on few areas that are discussed below:


To focus on planning, how to improve students’ skills when it comes to planning their practical work.

Assessment objectives is important, and while planning is assessment objective A03 to students, they must be able to plan experiments and investigations. Regardless of remote learning, planning experiments and designing experiments is probably the least practical skill that we use. Now this is a big difference between chemistry and biology/physics. Chemistry, physics and biology are almost the same subject where students can choose variables. They can design the experiment themselves.

Because of inherent safety aspects of chemistry and also the need for students to learn specific techniques and processes. Learners are rarely given opportunity to plan experiments as much as possible.

Planning experiments is the least practiced skill when it comes to A03 objective skills. The IBGA’s online IGCSE chemistry tutor in Gurgaon-India to help students hone their skills around planning. The past paper questions are going to be helpful in this, as one of the last questions involves students having to plan an investigation. So the tutors go to refer the papers available on CAIE website. The planning questions are extracted and distributed among the learners.

The learners must get an assignment to write down how they might plant that experiment, so the tutor could discuss it in real time on the screen. If there is a group of online learners then the discussion gets more effective because it develops the real insight and expertise into how to plan the practical. Online learners’ group considerably reduces the load of the tutor by cutting down his involvement all the time.

These questions can be personalized to add the fun part. These alternative to the practical questions follow a fairly standard format and become very easy to adapt the question with local context. For example if the work is done on the fuels then a question can be adapted a question to include different types of animal dung, being in the idle                 

Collecting data

The practical work in chemistry simply means gathering data and it is complicated when learner is from a remote location.

Handling Data

So at handling data, how an IGCSE online chemistry tutor in Delhi-India can improve ability for the students to handle in graphing and other mathematical forms?

Interpreting Data

It is the key skills in a tutor as a scientist and at the same time he must be successful on the IGCSE Cambridge courses.

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