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How to Leave a meaningful impression in the conclusion paragraph?

How to Leave a meaningful impression in the conclusion paragraph? 03/25/2022

The conclusion is the last paragraph of the essay and it helps to remind the reader what the essay was about. Just like sticky notes help us to remember that conclusion also leaves a meaningful impression so that the essay is not forgotten immediately after reading it. We do not want footprints of our written ideas to be immediately washed away from the reader’s mind.

The goal of a writer should be to tie together your essay’s main points, leaving your reader with a strong impression of your argument and why it matters. It is important to avoid direct repletion, so one need not just copy the thesis statement. Try to rephrase it in a way that shows how your essay has moved the thesis forward – and for more help study from an IB online tutor in India!


The first part of the conclusion is the summary. This happens at the beginning of the conclusion paragraph and reminds the readers about the essay content. The reminder is important because it helps to make the impression even stronger. The final impression is at the end of the conclusion paragraph and provides meaningful memorable and, or insightful content so that the essay content leaves an impression on the reader.

Even after the reader has finished reading the summary is the first part of the conclusion and briefly provides the points of the essay (much like a thesis). So what is similar to the thesis? The thesis can help develop the summary and the example.

Final Impression

After the summary, there is the place of a final impression as is also mentioned above. This is a little more complex than a summary because it must keep the reader interested and leave the reader thinking about the essay even after the essay is read. It can be difficult to make meaningful content that is still closely connected while also not generating brand new ideas and points. However, we just need to think about it as we think about the attention-getter in the introduction. The same strategies that get the reader interested in our essay can help them to remain interested.  

After reading the essay two final impressions strategies include asking a profound question such as the one for the attention getter and giving a profound insight – learn more from an IB home tutor!

Let us understand it with the help of an example:

Attention Getter: Who wouldn’t like to be willing to attend class whenever they wanted and not have to commute?

(Attention getter strategies are also final impression strategies and include asking a profound question or giving a profound insight.)

Final impression: ‘Being self-motivated and responsible can lead to success since our society has opportunities for people with strong determination and discipline. Online learning is meaningful life learning.’

The insights go deeper into the meaning of what the supporting points for online learning mean for life learning in society. Therefore it also connects insightfully to a wider range and readers than just those who are considering taking or are taking online classes. This is what we need to do at the end of an essay. We should ask ourselves how we can make this interesting and meaningful to as many readers as possible. When we take the summary and final impression and put them together we get the conclusion paragraph. Let us notice the conclusion (color-coded) given below.

‘Summarizing essay content’

‘The final impression’

Students can take advantage of what online classes offer if they remain responsible and self-motivated. Freedom might make this more difficult. However, students can benefit from it in many ways. Being self-motivated and responsible can lead to success since our society has opportunities for people with strong determination and discipline. Online learning is meaningful life learning.  

Use the ideas of the essay to meaningfully connect to as many readers as possible. Take a little time to read the color-coded conclusion given as an example above.

Things to avoid while writing a conclusion

In conclusion, small points should be avoided – and this can be practised well with the help of an IB courses. If the major argument of the essay is that chocolates are the best creation because it always tastes so good, then discussing its country of emergence, for instance, may not be the ideal choice for a conclusion since it is mainly unrelated to the “big picture” that you want to stress. Consider this: what would you like your readers to take from the essay? Bringing up minor things, in the end, will simply serve to divert readers’ attention away from your important themes.

Incorporating last-minute information can distract readers, isolating them wondering what your article was truly about, in the same way, that minor details might distract readers from your primary arguments. This not only confuses readers, but it also gives the appearance that you lack organizational abilities. A reader could ask why you didn’t just incorporate the facts earlier in the argument.

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