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IB Stress Management: Stress is important but overstress is not good

IB Stress Management: Stress is important but overstress is not good 08/30/2022

Learners are under large amounts of chronic stress and believe their levels of worry typically outweigh their capacity for effective coping. Around 30% of people say they experience stress, depression, or sadness as a result of it.

High school students must compete fiercely to succeed in demanding classes, spectacular extracurricular activities, studying for and passing college placement exams, and making significant and life-altering decisions about their future. They must also handle the social difficulties that come with being in high school.

IB stress is really just the stress that IB students feel from having so much work placed on their shoulders. In relation to two very important factors in an IB student’s life, the first one is the social aspect of their life, meaning friends, family, or anything that is outside the IB domain. The second is the whole work methodology of IB students, which includes how they work or how they study. And, how stress affects both factors. Take help of an IB tutor in New Delhi-India from IBGA!

Stress is important, but overstress is dangerous for health and could affect academic performance. It also hampers productivity along with the quality of work, and it could also lead to the tendency of procrastination. 

If you are too stressed and you have the mentality that working for longer periods of time is going to produce better quality work or at least going to help you get things done, you might want to reevaluate your strategy. Many of the students cram the whole night and go to bed around 4 or 5 am to take a power nap with the intention of attending school after 3 hours. This results in fatigued learners in the classrooms, and there is no family life for such learners. 

It is true that stress cannot be managed, but it can be controlled and there are certain tips to control stress. The IB learners can take a day off to relax because they are at a point where they are constantly working without a break. And stressing about your grades and future would drive you to the breaking point. So the only way to manage or control the stress is to take a break. From time to time, take periodic breaks, like once a week, just give yourself the whole day, for example, going out with family or friends, taking proper naps during the daytime. Whatever it is a student knows best how you can relax.    

How to control my IB stress?

IB Stress will undoubtedly pose a serious health risk to IB pupils. It’s not too serious, but if you find yourself buried in books, notes, and drafts of your schoolwork, you should take some time to rest.

Take a walk. If you like sports, try playing a little or using a basketball or football that you might have lying about. If there is a pool nearby, swim. Read a book in your living room or bedroom, or go to a park & sit on a bench. Chat with your loved ones over the phone, via Skype, or in person.

You should take a break if you’re feeling too stressed out. In my experience, stress has a number of detrimental effects, many of which I have personally witnessed. Not that stress is entirely harmful. As long as it gets you up and moving toward your work, a modest amount is healthy. Nothing at all in excess is healthy.

To sum up, avoid working too much if you want to reduce stress. It is beneficial to pause and consider how fortunate you are in general. Life isn’t about math, tests, assignments, or college applications. If you worry about these things so much, it’s simply not a good way to live. But that’s just my view.

A balanced diet 

You may not be aware of it, but your food has the capacity to either increase or decrease your mental vitality. A balanced diet can help with both stress reduction and academic performance. By altering your diet, you can avoid mood swings, dizziness, and other diet-related side effects.


Stress decreased productivity, and even financial costs can all be a result of clutter. Many kids live in cluttered environments, which can hinder their academic performance. Keeping a calm, minimalist study space that is devoid of disruptions and clutter will help you experience less stress. Employ an IB tutor in Gurgaon-Delhi for proper guidance!

This can maintain roommate relationships more positively, reduce stress levels, and speed up the process of discovering missing belongings. Additionally, it can provide pupils with a pleasant attitude toward their study space, which facilitates exam preparation and motivates additional studying. The work is worthwhile.

 Stay Positive 

Did you know that, in part, as a result of their positive outlook on life, optimists actually enjoy more favorable circumstances? It is real! Positive thinking and the practice of optimism can improve one’s health, interpersonal connections, and yes, academic performance.

Affirmations and other techniques for optimism can help you train your brain to have more optimistic thoughts about the future and yourself. In order to avoid working against yourself, you can also study the restrictions on affirmations and the warnings associated with positive thinking.

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