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Mathematics in the view of an IGCSE maths tutor

Mathematics in the view of an IGCSE maths tutor 03/22/2023

Almost everywhere across the globe, complaints concerning mathematics are among the most frequent. When it comes to tests and even homework, math-hating students frequently experience high levels of stress, find the tasks tedious or tough, and claim they are just no good.

Sadly, even students studying in the Liberal Arts or Humanities cannot avoid arithmetic when they join university because most programmes demand it.

Business majors that need to finish it can enroll in programmes like business statistics, whereas math majors can enroll in calculus. Whichever course they decide to take to complete this criterion will require a foundational understanding of the subject.

If math has always been a challenge for you in school, taking a college-level math course can be much more challenging for you because you don’t have a solid background in the subject.

Yet if you’re prepared to work hard, arithmetic isn’t actually all that difficult. Since they haven’t spent enough time learning the formulae and ideas, learned the fundamentals, or practiced enough, students frequently perceive the topic to be monotonous or challenging. Call IBGA to employ an IGCSE maths tutor in India!

The value of maths education in education

The need for individuals who can think abstractly in terms of math and science has increased over the past several years as the world’s reliance on technology soars to an all-time high.

The need for schools to strive to keep up with the needs of a highly competitive technical era by coagulating their math requirements has also become imperative given that technical jobs account for approximately one-third of all employability.

The necessity of mathematics learning in schools will be discussed in this article along with everything else that is known about mathematics.

Arithmetic fosters the growth of critical thinking

In order to solve a mathematical issue, we must go through a number of stages, including gathering the essential information and dissecting the problem’s premises.

Understanding the complexities of mathematics and coming up with logical answers helps train the mind to seek out the best reasoning when actual situations occur.

Children are able to acquire important life skills through maths

In actuality, maths exists all around us. In fact, some people refer to it as an inevitable quality that we simply cannot survive life without. As a result, we require it to understand the sum of taxes we owe, our income, how to follow a new recipe, and the types of deals we often enter into.

It is global

Math is a subject that can be presented and readily understood to anybody, wherever on the earth, unlike other disciplines that are restricted to a specific culture and ethnicity.

It promotes precision and close attention to detail

Arithmetic has a precise, clear-cut, and formulaic structure that further enhances its capacity to develop in kids outstanding skills like diligence, prudence, and conscientiousness. These of which are crucial guidelines for kids conducting research for both assigned topics and personal projects.

For kids, maths is a new form of money

Although historically philosophy and other subjects received more attention in school than maths, maths today serves as the basis for all we do in our world of gadgets and digital wizardry.

The significance of mathematics in learning has, nevertheless, increased to startling heights during the past few years, it is evident. And given that this is a time when innovation and skill development are highly valued, the more mathematically oriented we can be in our thinking, the better off we will be.

Numerous fields that employ math


To put it mildly, there are countless ways that mathematics is used in science, and this is especially true of disciplines like chemistry, physics, and astronomy. Employ an IGCSE tutor in India from the IBGA!

As a result, students who struggle to master fundamental arithmetic skills may find it even more difficult to attempt to comprehend the scientific charts and graphs that are employed in the scientific discipline.

Social Science

Students frequently need to review charts and graphs in social studies classrooms because they provide more data on an array of topics, from historical facts to ethnic groupings.

Also, it is crucial to have a foundational understanding of the mathematical ideas used to create graphs and charts in order to completely comprehend the statistics presented in the charts.

Also, understanding how a region’s valuation influences its population or how various populations have varied average lifespans may be necessary for courses like geography. You must be proficient in mathematics for each of these. Therefore, it is crucial to have a foundational understanding of mathematical concepts and formulas.

The creative industries

Basic mathematical ideas can help students who have a talent for the arts and want to build a career in art or theatre greatly. Those who pursue the arts, for instance, need have a rudimentary comprehension of mathematical formulas in order to create stunning works of art because geometry is essential to art.

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