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Societal value of physics in the view of an IB physics tutor

Societal value of physics in the view of an IB physics tutor 03/15/2023

No aspect of life is untouched by physics. It is physics that enables mankind to understand the nature of its surroundings and unveils the secrets of the universe. It has laid the foundation for the technology of the present and the future.

The relationships between the building of cosmic blocks and the composition of matter are the subject of the scientific discipline known as physics.

Both general relativity and quantum mechanics are employed to examine the cosmos and its smallest things, respectively.

In addition to kinetic and potential energy, it also takes into account the laws of inertia, friction, and gravity.

The study of substance, energy, and their relationships, or physics, allows us to comprehend the laws and rules that regulate the physical universe.

Understanding the microscopic world of particles, the macroscopic world of space, and how these things affect our daily lives through physics helps us understand the cosmos and the life around us. Many of the modern conveniences we take for granted, including transportation, building, and telecommunications, as well as some of the most important medical advancements like MRI scanners, would not be possible without physics.

Physics produces the underlying understanding required for the technical advancements that will continue to power the global economic engines, as well as the technological capabilities and the skills required to benefit from scientific advancements and discoveries.

Why should one learn physics?

Scientists in the field of physics strive to comprehend the basic mathematical equations that control natural occurrences and use those relationships to solve challenging issues. Your curiosity about how the world functions is the major motivation for studying physics. Aside from that, you will learn a variety of highly practical skills that will increase your employability. Take help from an IB physics tutor in India!

A physics degree will prepare you to tackle problems at a high level. In order to solve an issue, you will learn to disassemble it into its component elements and use sophisticated mathematics, computers, data analysis, and experimental procedures. We also place a strong emphasis on teamwork, technical writing, and presentation abilities.


Students who major in physics are ready to work on cutting-edge scientific and technological concepts at research institutions, governmental agencies, or private businesses. Basic research in astrophysics, particle physics, cosmology, atomic physics, photonics, or condensed matter physics could be the emphasis of a career, as well as more applicable research in fields like renewable energy, materials development, biophysics, quantum information science, or medical physics.

Moreover, careers in education, medicine, law (particularly copyright or trademark law), science history, science philosophy, science writing, science policy, government, energy policy, or technical field administration are possibilities.

Daily Life and Physics

The mechanics of body motions, fluid mechanics of blood & air flow, hearing and acoustic characteristics of the ears, heat and energy, vision optics, acoustics, and electrical signalling are all explained by the laws of physics.

Physics is incredibly important to our daily lives. It describes the motion, energy, and forces that are present in daily life. When you perform activities like operating a vehicle, kicking a ball, or even using a phone, physics is at work.

There are many fascinating things that happen on this “living planet” we call Earth. We frequently see, participate in, or experience these occurrences around us. Your natural curiosity would eventually have driven you to seek information about what was happening. What causes that to occur? Leaving miracles out, “physics” is the solution to all of these queries. In actuality, physics regulates some aspects of our daily lives. These are a few real-world applications of physics:


Regardless of your mode of transportation, you must walk a certain distance when getting ready for work or school. The simple fact that you can walk is due to physics. You can maintain a firm grip while strolling in a playground or on tar roads without sliding due to resistance or roughness between the bottoms of your boots and the road’s surface. “Friction” or “traction” refers to the resistance that creates the grip. Employ an IB tutor in Gurgaon from IBGA!

Nevertheless, you unexpectedly collapse whenever a banana peel catches beneath your foot. What now causes you to stumble? Actually, it’s because the slippery peel of a banana reduces the amount of friction between the road surface and your shoes.


Again, there is physics behind hearing sounds. Vibrating particles make up a sound wave.

Your ear drums vibrate, which allows you to perceive sound because of the air’s vibrations. The messages created by this vibration pass through a nerve and reach your brain.


One of the sense systems that let living things learn more about their environment is vision. As light enters the visual system, either from an emitting or reflecting item, it interacts with specific cells in the eyes to produce an electrical signal.

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