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Some ways to implement Atl skills in the classroom

Some ways to implement Atl skills in the classroom 11/15/2020

Approaches to Learning Skills require explicit teaching (International Baccalaureate Organization). Not all skills are taught in all subjects at all year levels; however, it is important that students have multiple opportunities to learn about and refine each skill across their educational journey. While not directly assessed in a unit, the application of the selected ATL Skills should be selected to maintain integrity in learners life. It also helps develop firm knowledge, understanding and displinary skills.

There are various ways tutors can teach these skills to prepare students for the rigorous of the IB diploma program (DP) .It is essential for our students to become more confident in the approaches to learning (ATL) skills, considering that they are a requirement for the IB Diploma Program (DP). These skills can be learned, taught and improved during their time in the Middle Years Program (MYP). It is important to facilitate both common language for process of learning. To a certain extent, teaching ATL skills does happen organically in our online tutoring and also reflect for IB TUTORIAL too. However, if we spend time teaching and coaching students how to best approach them, it allows them to enhance their way of learning.

“Teaching ATL skills can significantly benefit students with different learning styles and needs.”

We discover that if our IB home tutor and IB online tutor systematically go through related ATL skills with our learners, they  will realize how these fit in and make a conscious effort to apply them to their studies. With firm relation of what, how and when to use the ATL skills, students learn to push their own approaches to the assigned tasks.


We introduce different skills inspired by ATL SKILLS to learn better in healthy environment while making connections for a wider aspect. We differentiate and explain them, as well as create exactly which ones are relevant to visual arts. IB GLOBAL ACADEMY to introduce the skills and encourage students to make connections with them and to think about how they will use them effectively to enhance their own learning. Learner starts to examine which skills are most efficient in both independent and innovative learning environments.


Teaching ATL skills can significantly improve and benefit students with different learning styles and needs. Sometimes students suffer from inadequate preparation of a lessons or regular session and cannot organize their thoughts clearly. This is where ATL skills can really help students manage their own learning styles or patterns. “As international educators, it’s our duty to create a welcoming and rewarding learning environment.” ATL skills can be used as a toolkit to help students learn in different ways based on their individual needs. Different year groups grasp the skills in different ways, but I do notice a real difference in the way students approach their studies when they start learning about and using ATLs from the middle years.

One of the most important aspects of teaching the ATLs is making meaningful connections with the IB learners. ATLs complement the attributes if specifically taught for better learning in a great way. ATL skills in relation to the IB learner profile enables students to further develop their skills, outlook and approaches to learning.

 FULL POTENTIAL REQUIRED:                                             

ATL skills are fundamental in helping and engaging with students achieve their full potential in the already challenging and personal journey that is the Diploma program. With these skills, students develop confidence, development and communication skills when approaching demanding content.  IB tutor online aims to teach and develop strategies using specific ATL skills in my lesson, to best help student and understand to achieve better results.

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