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The Philosophy That Exists in the Mysticism of Numbers

The Philosophy That Exists in the Mysticism of Numbers 03/10/2022

The great philosophers have also been great mathematicians. In ancient Greece, mathematics was considered the highest form of knowledge about eternal forms and truth that mathematics embodies. If we want to increase our interest in mathematics then we need to understand mathematics in a better way than, what mathematics wants to say. Mathematics is not only calculation, it teaches us a lot of things.

Maybe you do not know, but mathematics can teach you to live in society because it is nothing but a language of philosophy. To understand this subject one has to feel it and have to communicate with it. Only then we can connect ourselves with this subject.

We learn the concept, revise the concept, and take exams to solve the mathematical problems to get the right answers. But only finding the right answer is only the meaning of mathematics, and to know this we have to understand, what mathematics wants to convey- and learn more from an IB maths tutor in Gurgaon!

Is math omnipresent?

Something is lurking in plain sight deep within your cupboard, and guess what it is? No! It is neither a mouse nor a servant, but math. Not the sort of arithmetic we study in school, but the kind we use every day. Everyday arithmetic is simple to observe, do, and discuss, and it can occur anywhere and at any time, including over breakfast.

What numbers do the clock hands refer to, which container contains the most, what is this pattern composed of, and how many pots are left if I take one away? As a result, a math adventure may begin anywhere. Go on a number search at the grocery store to see what’s on for a six, five, three, and nine, and which one is the cheapest. Math is everywhere, and there are limitless opportunities to observe, do, and speak about it.

What does mathematics want to convey?

Archimedean Property

Here the concept of mathematics suggests living with humility. Mathematics solve many problems of our daily life and to understand this clearly, we have to understand the Archimedean property. There are five to six forms of Archimedean properties, and one form of the Archimedean properties says, “For every natural number ‘n’ there exist one more number, which is greater than that.”

So, what does it want us to learn? It wants to teach that, no matter how big you are, you are never the greatest just because always you will find somebody better than you. Like sometimes there is ego or overconfidence, and such things keep happening in everyone’s life. But if we keep this Archimedean property in mind then we will never fell the victim to conceit.

In the society in which we stay, there are the people who live in the delusion that they are the best, and they are never wrong because they know everything. Probably, this is just because they do not have the knowledge of Archimedean property. So we should never be arrogant over what we have like money, skills or education, etc. – and maths is more than fun with an IB maths tutor

Function (f(x)) Maxima in real analysis

Does function need continuity to attain its maxima? If you read, think, or see it in any book, you will realize that, to attain the maxima of a function, the function need not be continuous. And one could make out of this concept, is to stay confident while restarting a task that was discontinued.

You think that you are not consistent or you are fickle-minded (not in continuity), which means that you have taken a sudden break from something in past and just because of that you have lost the confidence in doing the same thing again with the same efficiency.

So you can think that because you have discontinued the work you were doing then you cannot attain the maxima. Leave such thoughts because Mathematics itself teaches us, to attain maxima one need not be continuous.

People are hesitant of doing new things since they have achieved the relax zone in their lives and the fear of failure has imprisoned them to try anything new, according to another aspect of this real-life study. As a result, individuals become firm believers that they cannot excel since they must be consistent in any field in order to thrive today, a view that is refuted by Function (f(x)) maxima in actual analysis.


The two sciences are inextricably linked, and many great philosophers have also been outstanding mathematicians. We want to know what’s going on, and knowing what’s going on has to do with your ability to modify your viewpoint. You don’t have comprehension unless you have that- and learn and enjoy mathematics with online IB math tutor in India!

Many people associate mathematics with operations such as addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, and fractions. Finding the pattern is the goal of mathematics, and the term “pattern” refers to a relationship, a structure, some regularity, and some principles that control what we observe.

Mathematics is also about speaking patterns in languages and establishing assumptions in order to experiment and see what happens. What holds true in mathematics also holds true in philosophy. 

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