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The Physics of Ordinary Existence is Intriguing

The Physics of Ordinary Existence is Intriguing 03/15/2022

When a student wonders what quantum physics has to do with our daily lives, or what a physics learner can accomplish, the way a physicist communicates about physics needs to be tweaked a little.

What can one do once he realizes this? When ‘that’ denotes physics, this question can be enlarged since it is a pretty nice question. When we talk about physics in society and our perception of it, we don’t think about the things we can accomplish with it. A change in our understanding of physics is required. Not only does it require some adjustment, but it is also important for our society to share this alternative viewpoint.

The image of physics in society

The Solvay Conference in 1927, Brussels was the opportunity when the great minds of physics were grappling with the nature of determinism and what it means only to have a probability that a particle might be somewhere, and whether any of it was real. And it was all very difficult and when one looks at the famous picture of the conference, you will find that all the individuals are with a stern look in suits.

Marie curie could be seen, third from the left on the bottom there, she was allowed in but had to dress like everybody else. So this is what the social image of physics is like because the individuals were like hieroglyphics.

Contradicting this picture of the Solvay Conference the image of two black holes colliding is not less than an artist’s impression, which makes it look worth watching. And the point here is that this is the real image of physics, which is not weird and difficult, done by slightly strange people dressed in strange ways.

The current cultural image of physics

When we look at the scale, where size in meters is provided in relation to time in seconds, and when we look at quantum physics, which is little, strange, and happens rapidly, we see that it is too small in size to be useful in everyday life. (Quantum physics falls very close to point of origin or coordinates (0.0), so it can be said that we humans do not have the capability to notice the physical laws in this case as the values are too small to observe with human eyes.)

It’s particularly strange when it comes to cosmology, which is very far away. And if you go to locations like the beginning of the universe, where black holes are regarded to be physics frontiers, there is a lot of effort being done to uncover new physics. (Both time and distance scale readings are big, so in this case, the values are out of the imagination of a normal human being’s daily affairs – and make your daily physics easy with help of an IB tutor in India!)

Physics that exist in between Quantum and Cosmo physics

There is a significant difference that could be seen between Quantum physics and Cosmology visible on the XY- Quadrant, which is the X-axis (scale for size in meters) and the Y-axis (scale for a time in seconds). Volcanoes, clouds, buildings, man-made energy sources, and everything else that makes up our daily lives, all operate under the laws of physics. Nobody speaks about physics in the middle. And the interesting thing about all of them is that they are all based on a tiny set of physical principles – and for good preparation contact IBGA for an IB physics tutor in Delhi!

Things like Newton’s law of motion, thermodynamics, force, work, and much more. The physics in the middle applies over a huge range, from small units to big units. When these units work together they depict the beautifully complex world in which we live. Fundamentally, this is the bit we never talk about despite the plenty of physics research going on here. Just because this physics is not pointing the stars in the sky, many of us think these all things are not physics. Though we see all those laws of physics at work in our daily life around us.

Conservation of angular momentum

Let us understand it with a brilliant example and for this, you do have not to pay a visit to a physics laboratory. Normally, eggs are found in our houses, so take two eggs and keep them side by side, and let one be boiled and the other kept raw.

You have to just spin both the eggs gently against the hard surface they are kept. You will find that the one that stops first after you exert a little pressure with your finger, is the boiled one, which is completely solid. The reason is simple the raw egg spins even after trying to stop gently with a finger because we could stop the shell for a moment, but once the finger is released the egg would spin again because of liquid inside the shell, so the raw egg will start to rotate again – and to make physics more interesting take tuition from online physics tutor in India from IBGA!

Conservation of angular momentum says that if you set something spinning about a fixed axis then it would keep spinning unless you do something to stop it, and that is really fundamental to how the universe works. It is not just eggs to which it is applied, but the conservation of angular momentum could be understood with the help of man-made satellites revolving around the earth. These satellites are floating perpetually in space on a fixed path just on the basis of the same little physical law that we applied on the eggs. Now you must have observed that this is a fun bit of physics. Physics is all about patterns, and a small number of patterns give us access to almost all of the physics in our everyday world.   

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