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Ultimate Study Plan: Master IGCSE with A plus score

Ultimate Study Plan: Master IGCSE with A plus score 04/03/2024

A globally acknowledged curriculum created especially for students aged 14 to 16 is the Cambridge IGCSE (International General Certificate of Secondary Education).

The programme fosters critical thinking, creativity, and problem-solving abilities in pupils while maintaining a demanding academic standard.

Indian students take the IGCSE final test in March, which is administered and graded by the University of Cambridge during this two-year study.

Students receive grades ranging from A* to G depending on their performance in the assessment, which consists of written, oral, and practical components. For students hoping to receive an A on their final exam, here is a study plan for the IGCSE.

IGCSE exam pass rate: is it high?

As was already noted, the IGCSE is usually a demanding academic programme that calls for pupils to show a high degree of application, comprehension, and knowledge of important ideas and abilities. But achieving IGCSE is undoubtedly possible if you have the correct attitude, resources, and methods.
You can do well in the IGCSE and meet your academic objectives if you study hard and are persistent. Therefore, there's no need to give up or be afraid.

The Secret to Cracking IGCSE Exams and Getting A+ Grades is Out!

Here are some useful suggestions to help you travel more smoothly.

Create a Long-Term Study Schedule

Often, prior to a mock exam, students might be seen hastily going through their material. Students find it difficult to decide which material to study and which to omit because of the limited time.

In the long run, this behaviour may be more hazardous because it is not sustainable. You must realise that placing well in the finals is your ultimate objective while considering how to prepare for the IGCSE.

Only if you perform well on the final exam can you consider yourself to have done well on the mocks. Long-term study plans help you achieve better results in the end and maintain your class leadership in all internal assessments.

Practice, Practice, Practice and Revise!

Revision and consistent practice are crucial for achieving an A plus grade in IGCSE exams. You may ensure that you fully cover every topic by developing and adhering to a revision timetable.

To swiftly review material before tests, take brief notes on key definitions, formulas, and concepts while you revise.

Frequently completing practice questions and previous year's exams can also you in understanding the format of the questions and evaluating your level of preparedness. Recognising your shortcomings and making improvements in them is equally essential.

Finally, you can learn more effectively and have a more engaging revision process if you work with a study group or a friend.

Enrol in the Top Coaching Programmes

Your performance in the IGCSE exams can be greatly impacted by selecting the appropriate online course or coaching centre.

Do extensive research, read feedback and evaluations, verify the qualifications of the instructors, and familiarise yourself with their teaching style before enrolling. To be sure the course fulfils your expectations, attend sample classes or sign up for a trial before enrolling.

There are plenty of online tutoring options available these days. Websites that provide online IGCSE tutoring, such as IBGA, have knowledgeable mentors or instructors who can answer your questions and offer insightful commentary.

Review Several Research Sources

Students read books from a suggested list both at school and at residence. Searching for other sources is, nevertheless, one of the most effective methods of study for IGCSE pupils.

Different publishers distribute books depending on the curriculum, which is determined by Cambridge for the grade.

All the books take different approaches to the subjects and assign different weights to them. When you study exclusively from a textbook, you run the danger of coming across areas where a topic hasn't received enough attention.

Students can make up for this knowledge gap and improve their ability to respond to inquiries on any subject by studying from a variety of books.

Maintain Your Lead in the Class

This is a general study guide suggestion from the IGCSE, however it is especially important for areas you struggle with.

Staying ahead of the game doesn't need you to read a chapter more than once or solve every previous paper on the subject. You have the option to pre-read a chapter before it is covered in class.

In this approach, your questions will be answered right away and you are going to have better understanding of the subject. You won't have to cram through material at the last moment if you read a topic ahead of time. This will allow you ample time to acquire it before the tests.


To ace the IGCSE exams, adhere to these measures. Just keep in mind that there are no fast routes to success, therefore you must put in the work. It takes effort and commitment to get a good mark, but if you are working hard, you will do well in your final exams.

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